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Simple image previewVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Anel TopalovicSubmitted: 5/12/2006Downloads: 5912
This is the code to Rotate the Text in any Angle.

Image ProcessorVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Ujwal AbhishekSubmitted: 4/20/2006Downloads: 6994
This is just a simple image viewing & drawing programm developed with 2003 platform. I developed it to submit it as minor project at my college.

Use of TimerVersion: VB6
Author: Sumit DasSubmitted: 4/10/2006Downloads: 5518
Use of timer to display text.

Camera ViewerVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Amir HadzicSubmitted: 3/29/2006Downloads: 12520
The most simple Camera Viewer...

Glowing CirclesVersion: VB6
Author: Cyber_VirusSubmitted: 3/23/2006Downloads: 4456
Glowing circles animation.

Slide ShowVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 3/13/2006Downloads: 6881
This project has 36 slide show. Just select folder which contains pics.

Simple VB6 AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: VlukeSubmitted: 2/18/2006Downloads: 9359
This program shows you how to animate a simple object in VB6.

Simple MouseTrail EffectVersion: VB6
Author: ViSiONSubmitted: 2/11/2006Downloads: 4302
A Simple Mouse Trail Effect With No Functions Or API's. Uses 2 Timers and The Circle Method.

Convert Pic to IconVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 1/14/2006Downloads: 8169
With this project you can convert a pic (bmp or jpg) to icon with option of dimension.

Slide ShowVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vineshkumar Dhansukhbhai PatelSubmitted: 1/13/2006Downloads: 12968
With this is code you can generate a Slide Show for your pictures.

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