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Magnifier XPVersion: VB.NET
Author: Henry Cortez WuSubmitted: 9/28/2004Downloads: 8663
A magnifier program for Windows NT, 2000, XP. It can magnify an area under the mouse coordinates. Transparent/Layered windows are also captured. The magnifier program has 3 color settings, normal, grayscale and invert color.

Mathematics with flashVersion: VB3
Author: Jessie PanerioSubmitted: 9/4/2004Downloads: 5569
Enhancing arithmetic skills with flash animation.

Animated ShipsVersion: VB6
Author: FalconFire CEO Benjamin MillsSubmitted: 8/29/2004Downloads: 5256
Make as many animated ships as you want by clicking inside the window. Use arrow keys to change ship direction.

Speedy WalkerVersion: VB6
Author: CaseySubmitted: 8/29/2004Downloads: 4695
An animated Character that you can change the speed to be extremly fast or sluggishly slow.

3D textVersion: VB5
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 8/18/2004Downloads: 6037
Small app that writes 3D text on picture.

GraphVersion: VB6
Author: bill PerkettSubmitted: 8/4/2004Downloads: 8001
Will graph almost any data and limits that you supply. Can review each point and display the data in excel. Also calculates summary data. The form can easily be added to any project.

Turtle GameVersion: VB5
Author: bill PerkettSubmitted: 7/28/2004Downloads: 4041
This is like the old turtle game where you enter a command and the program will then draw something.

Color overlay and trace a pictureVersion: VB4
Author: pawan kumar heeraSubmitted: 7/18/2004Downloads: 4308
Color overlay and trace a picture.

Create line graphs (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Kerry TrenthamSubmitted: 7/16/2004Downloads: 11249
Illustrates the uses of creating lines with the CreateGraphics methodology.

Deluxe Combo Box ClassVersion: VB5
Author: Mario FloresSubmitted: 7/2/2004Downloads: 6286
Extend the Combo Box capabilities with amazing results, turn the original and common Combo Box into a Color Picker , Font Picker or add Pictures, even create a new style Drive Combo Box, and more!! Now you can add Colorful list styles like gradient or off ...more>>

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