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Extension MethodVersion: 
Author: Arindam GhoshSubmitted: 1/10/2014Downloads: 1935
There is no whole in my piggy bank but the money is still being inserted] Extension Method is that kind of feature. Suppose we have a base class Employee. This class should not be modified but I need to insert some methods in the Employee class. No nee ...more>>

Block more than one IP addressVersion: ASP
Author: barışSubmitted: 1/10/2014Views: 6341
Block more than one IP address.

Captcha in ASPVersion: ASP
Author: OasitechSubmitted: 5/21/2012Views: 8285
A captcha in ASP using Random questions.

Bank ApplicationVersion: ASP
Author: S.David ImmanuvelSubmitted: 12/10/2010Downloads: 6597
This is an advanced Bank Application using ASP.

Online Bus Reservation SystemVersion: ASP
Author: Mr.David ImmanuvelSubmitted: 10/12/2010Downloads: 7058
This program is for online Bus Reservation System Developed By RGCET Student.

MyCMSaspVersion: ASP
Author: FrisoSubmitted: 9/24/2007Downloads: 6088
An asp script for content management. It uses an template. You can always change the template, and it has also and admin page to change the links and the pages easily check the readme file for more information. It comes with an default, working config fi ...more>>

Online Job Management System in ASPVersion: ASP
Author: Aftab KashifSubmitted: 12/27/2006Downloads: 18291
A complete ready to go website dedicated to Online Hunting for Jobs. Ideal for Employees and Employers where both can create and build CVs and Vacancies Online and post their data. Tools include job searching and great tip for Career Building, Interview ...more>>

Priore Sessions-DBVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Downloads: 6900
A simple way to use the ASP Session variabiles without Session Object and without Cookies.

Priore ASP CalendarVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Downloads: 7915
With this ASP + Javascript source code for IE 5.x able to show a popup calendar to select one date in your web pages.

Send email with CDO e GMailVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Views: 86868
Send an email with your GMail account and CDO Components.

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