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Crop, Rotate, Resize ImagesVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vineshkumar Dhansukhbhai PatelSubmitted: 1/11/2006Downloads: 21927
This code performs the most common image transformations, such as crop, rotate, resize. This is very useful for image / photo using software.

Easiest way to make skins in VBVersion: VB6
Author: kasbabaSubmitted: 1/9/2006Downloads: 9714
I know all of you there wanna make customised skins for your applications but don't know how to start. I found this is the easiest way to make skins. Download the file and enjoy!!

Flashing CrosshairsVersion: VB6
Author: ViSiONSubmitted: 1/2/2006Downloads: 4121
This example shows flashing crosshairs that follow the mouse while on top of the form.Only 15 lines of code. Very simple but never the less Neat and fun to mess w/ the code!!

Theme makingVersion: VB6
Author: Jussi RantalaSubmitted: 12/11/2005Downloads: 6201
This tutorial shows how you can make your own theme to your application.

DCT iDCT Direct Cosine TransformVersion: VB6
Author: Andrew J ArmstrongSubmitted: 11/29/2005Downloads: 3303
This code demonstrates the use of the DCT Direct Cosine Transform in Visual Basic. It performs the operation on a 16x16 pixel block to yield the DCT coefficients. The program will also perform the inverse DCT (iDCT) to yield the original pixel data. ...more>>

Gray Scale Convertor Histogram v.2.0Version: VB6
Author: Asif fattahSubmitted: 9/27/2005Downloads: 4642
Asif fattah KASBIT BS-CS VIII) This project takes the image and convert it in to Gray scale and Red,Blue,Green scale, you can also invert the color of image. this application can also form histogram of image like in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.

Used to Create Thumb of a given ImageVersion: ASP.NET 1.1
Author: Vimal LakheraSubmitted: 9/17/2005Views: 11649
Used to Create Thumb of a given Image. Code is in C#. /// /// Used to Create Thumb of a given Image /// /// Location of a given Image /// Location to save Thumb Image ...more>>

Get the Dimensions of an uploaded ImageVersion: ASP.NET 1.1
Author: Vimal LakheraSubmitted: 9/17/2005Views: 13293
Get the Dimensions of an uploaded Image. Code is in C#. /// /// This function is used to get the Dimensions of an uploaded Image /// /// stream object /// Height and Width of given Imagemore>>

Color TestVersion: VB6
Author: M Mujibur RahmanSubmitted: 9/12/2005Downloads: 3336
Using this form and code you can save color code in the database and also display color in your front end. I have shown it in two ways. What ever you like you can use.

Cool Progress bars for beginnersVersion: VB6
Author: Vincent ViauSubmitted: 7/14/2005Downloads: 7013
Progress bars by Vincent Viau. Code isn't very hard to understand but anyone totally new to vb will have problems customizing it for their app.

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