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Gradient BackgroundVersion: VB6
Author: Hunter PerrinSubmitted: 7/1/2004Downloads: 5421
A very fast function that draws a gradient on the background of a form. I have seen others like it, but this one is very fast and draws a very nice gradient.

Shadowed ControlsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 6/29/2004Downloads: 5970
Need SHADOW EFFECTS for your controls during runtime? Here it is, believe me or not, just ONE LINE of code (line function) and you're done. Also, you can select which color to be used as the shadow. Give this a try and yuu'll thank me for posting this.

Insert Picture w/o Clearing ClipboardVersion: VB6
Author: Hunter PerrinSubmitted: 6/26/2004Views: 11529
I saw another snippet like this but it cleared the clipboard when it ran. Thats not very nice to the user. This snippet saves the contents then returns them to the clipboard.

Remote image loader (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: the noseSubmitted: 6/24/2004Downloads: 7724
Load remote image to image object. Simply supply the url of the image.

XP Style TaskbarVersion: VB4
Author: krishna bharadwajSubmitted: 6/19/2004Downloads: 6139
Makes your taskbar look like xp taskbar.

Create Custom tooltipsVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 6/18/2004Downloads: 4928
Create Custom coloured baloon tooltips with this class file. Click on the command button, and move your mouse over the form window.

Alpha Blending TestVersion: VB6
Author: VBRacerSubmitted: 6/15/2004Downloads: 4062
Picture Alpha Blender. No DLLs, no APIs, just pure VB.

Real Analog ClockVersion: VB3
Author: VBRacerSubmitted: 6/15/2004Downloads: 5408
A 3D Analog Clock that's only 2KB!

Graphics3D. Generate 3D graphicsVersion: VB4
Author: Hrayr ArtunyanSubmitted: 6/6/2004Downloads: 7836
This program is a complete 3D graphics engine. Excellent Learning Tool. It allows you to define your own 3D shapes in text files and load them. Once the shapes are loaded you may use transformations such as scaling, rotations and translation. There is a 3 ...more>>

No IFs or ButsVersion: VB4
Author: Geoff ScottSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 3518
Simple animation, with a very complicated pedigree. NOT one IF statement in this code. Un-zips into two folders, exefile and source

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