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Read XML File into DataSetVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: KBaileySubmitted: 9/27/2003Views: 121215
Simple code to read the contents of an XML File into a DataSet and then binds it to a DataGrid.

Sending email with smtp serverVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Nilesh VankaniSubmitted: 6/20/2005Views: 114582
This is a very simpale project to send email with the help of smpt server. Only small function you can use.......

C#: Equivalent of Select Case Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 111543
C#: Equivalent of Select Case You were imagining how could Microsoft forget the Select Case feature in C#. Well it didn't. But to use such a feature the syntax is a slightly different. Refer this link for detailed information: ...more>>

Download email from Pop3 serverVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Nilesh VankaniSubmitted: 6/20/2005Views: 110650
I'm a beginner to, i wrote the code for downloading email from POP3 server but i cant find single code in any of site...So i make my self and i want to give you this code without any charge....coz i know so many programmers are not able to buy comp ...more>>

Press Enter in Textbox to Trigger Click EventVersion: VB 2005
Author: jonazSubmitted: 6/1/2007Views: 106034
Press Enter in Textbox to Trigger Click Event.

How to work with Text filesVersion: VB 2005
Author: DewangSubmitted: 7/12/2006Views: 102109
Shows how to work with Text files.

Simple Code For Date Validation In Vb.NetVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Ranjan DSubmitted: 8/31/2006Views: 101122
A Very simple code for date validation in The date formate to be given is dd/mm/yyyy.

Save DataSet as XML FileVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: KBaileySubmitted: 9/27/2003Views: 88607
This code shows how to save the contents of a DataSet as an XML File.

Create excel from xml fileVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: TanakornSubmitted: 6/29/2005Views: 88536
Create excel file from xml file.

Textbox tabout using enter key & keyup, keydownVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: mohan.mSubmitted: 7/1/2006Views: 83495
Basically windows applications contain many textboxes and buttons. Usally clients press tab key to move cursor to another textbox. Apart from that clients can press down key as well as up key.

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