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GraphicsVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/21/2004Downloads: 10464
This program demonstrates the graphics capabilities of .NET framework. The program draws Star, polygons, Diamonds, Circles, and other entities as the user select.

Glass Ball ScreensaverVersion: VB6
Author: ChrisSubmitted: 4/18/2004Downloads: 5853
A Glass Ball Screensaver. - Don't move the mouse. This is my attempt to recreate Microsoft's Science screensaver. You can produce some interesting effects by changing the math in the Stretch and ResetPortion subs. The elliptical region shown here, is ...more>>

Layout Planner v1.0 - Easy Page PlanningVersion: VB6
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 4/7/2004Downloads: 5407
A good program for printers who can plan their item pages on print sheets. Booklet option is disabled, but Normal print to view with Swing option can be easily done. Select Pre-defined Page sizes for Print sheet and Item sheet. Have the option for Dou ...more>>

Pictured MenusVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 4/6/2004Downloads: 7459
Tired of VB's default Dull Menus without pictures? Then go for this..Very Minimal coding (less than 10 lines) & you can add any picture you want to your MENUS.

Ghost Form EffectsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 3/20/2004Downloads: 7989
This APP Rips the power of API & thereby making the form appear & disappear in 3D like fashion simillar to Macromedia Flash Effects. The form appears slowly with the help of timer control from transparency to Opacity & vice versa when form unloaded. Yo ...more>>

SG Image ViewerVersion: VB5
Author: Sudhanshu GuptaSubmitted: 3/18/2004Downloads: 5450
This application allows you to view almost any image file.

Rotate PictureVersion: VB6
Author: COBEINSubmitted: 2/15/2004Downloads: 10306
A very simple way to rotate a picture.

clrBox: VB Programmer's Colour PickerVersion: VB6
Author: TrickyRicSubmitted: 2/11/2004Downloads: 4365
My second code submission to the a1vbcode archive, this project was designed for but i thought id post it here too :) This is a completely free colour picker designed for all VB programmer's, the package consists of a form and module t ...more>>

BCD ClockVersion: VB5
Author: ChavakSubmitted: 2/8/2004Downloads: 4399
Learn the basics of BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) using this example. Add the displayed shape values vertically in a column(which is shown on the right) to get the face value of the time. Shown in 24hr format

WinXPC EngineVersion: VB6
Author: Mario Alberto Flores GonzalezSubmitted: 2/1/2004Downloads: 14234
Give your Visual Basic Controls a Windows Xp Visual Style,WinXPC Engine is the largest collection of Subclass routines , uses only code (no Images) No need to replace any control of your app,or add any other control to support VisualStyles, Controls that ...more>>

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