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Below you will find a group of links to some of the best VB, ASP.NET, and C# books in their respective categories. All of the books listed have been carefully chosen on the basis of their quality, popularity, and rating by the .NET community.

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Murach's Visual Basic 2015

Publisher: Murach


Whether you're a beginner or experienced programmer, Murach's Visual Basic 2015 will quickly teach you to develop and deploy professional object oriented database applications.

In section one you will be introduced to the .NET Framework and you will learn how to develop a simple Windows application using the form designer and the code editor.

Section two presents the various data types, control structures, as well as the core .NET classes. You will learn data validation and how to create your own business and database classes.

In section three you will learn how to develop professional database applications with the help of the new data sources feature and the new DataGridView control. You will also learn to directly access a database using ADO.NET code.

Section four will teach you the object oriented features of Visual Basic. You'll learn how to use inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and more.

The final section shows you how to work with text, binary, and XML files. You'll also learn how to work with multiple document interface(MDI), menus, toolbars, status bars, help, and Windows application deployment.

Murach Visual Basic 2015 is a must read for both beginner and experienced programmers who wish to quickly learn to build Visual Basic 2015 applications at a professional level. With detailed coverage of IDE best practices, end of chapter exercises, non-trivial sample applications, Windows Store apps, and the unique paired-page format, Murach Visual Basic 2015 will have you building professional level real world applications in no time.

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Murach's Java Programming

Publisher: Murach


Murach's Java programming is for anyone who wants to learn all of the core features of the Java programming language. The book is for those with some programming experience or those with no programming experience at all.

The book teaches you how to develop java applications efficiently like in the real world with the help of an IDE. Complete real world applications are presented, including a complete product manager application that uses many of the core Java features, such as classes, business classes, and database classes to implement the three-tier architechture.

The end of chapter excercises will allow you to test your skills on what you learned after each chapter. Also, Murach's paired-page format with explanations on the left page and syntax of the right will help you learn quickly and also allows the book to serve as a valuable reference.

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