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A Rainy Day DesktopVersion: VB6
Author: Chris SeelbachSubmitted: 3/5/2005Downloads: 5877
There is a thunder storm brewing inside your monitor. This program takes a few seconds to load, please read my comments. I hope you enjoy it. Tested in XP. Zip ~ 260K.

Screen SnapshotsVersion: VB6
Author: KamaronSubmitted: 3/4/2005Downloads: 4377
What this program does is it takes a snapshot of the screen, and displays it. I show how it is done in the ReadMe file included.

A Glass BallVersion: VB6
Author: Chris SeelbachSubmitted: 2/28/2005Downloads: 4930
For XP. A visual-effect for your desktop. Zip ~ 100K.

Text EFVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: vishnu sharmaSubmitted: 2/27/2005Downloads: 6523
This is a small effects program in

Swirling ColorsVersion: VB6
Author: ZainubSubmitted: 12/30/2004Views: 8318
Shows a swirling ball of colors animation.

Soccer Ball FormVersion: VB6
Author: vishnu sharmaSubmitted: 12/15/2004Downloads: 5001
A form shaped like a soccer ball. You can moved the ball/form around your screen using the right mouse button.

Paint on a form Version: VB5
Author: Ketan GuptaSubmitted: 12/12/2004Downloads: 4645
Simple source code for painting on a form. Only red color is used. Download and enjoy my paint program.

Random color paintVersion: VB5
Author: Ketan GuptaSubmitted: 12/12/2004Downloads: 4007
Random colors are shown automatically as you move your mouse over the form. This is a different type of paint program in that it uses mouse events only.

Winter FlowVersion: VB5
Author: DevenSubmitted: 11/7/2004Downloads: 4782
This Project gives use of java in VB 6.0 It's like a drawingpad in which you can draw a picture using mouse pointer, & constant snow is falling on it!It gives fill like a winter in all 365 days of the year! If you find any new idea to develop more int ...more>>

iView Picture Viewer (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: BurhanSubmitted: 10/29/2004Downloads: 15062
VB.NET photo viewer. You can zoom, rotate, flip, set selected photo as wallpaper, etc. I hope you like it.

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