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3D Matrix Maths II (no openGL or DirectX required)Version: VB6
Author: John HardySubmitted: 7/13/2005Downloads: 5823
This is my second attempt at learning 3D maths, and it came out ok and thought i would pass on what i had learned in the form of the source. The program can draw and rotate quadrilaterails on the screen with a few lines of code. For example a green cu ...more>>

How to Display Rotated text in Picture BoxVersion: VB6
Author: Manoj BandgarSubmitted: 6/28/2005Views: 27699
The following code snippet show how to display text in different angles in a picture box.For that Open a new Project , add a picturebox and a command button control to the form.

XP Like Login formVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Deepak RaiSubmitted: 6/22/2005Downloads: 47969
It looks like XP Login. You can implement it in your software in welcome screen.

Bruceway Picture BrowseVersion: VB6
Author: Bruce LucasSubmitted: 6/17/2005Downloads: 4644
An application that browses for pictures in the computer and displays in on the picture window.This program also introduces menu bar setup,drive list,directory list,file list, common dialog box etc. programming with Visual Basic 6.0. ***Application and S ...more>>

12 Image TransitionsVersion: VB6
Author: VBKeys.comSubmitted: 6/8/2005Downloads: 6159
Up to 12 different transitions in one UserControl! Transition between 2 images Image A and Image B.

Image MovingVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Robin VermaSubmitted: 5/13/2005Downloads: 12451
Now you can move any image by using this code.

Alpha DIBsVersion: VB6
Author: Johan BadenhorstSubmitted: 4/17/2005Downloads: 3304
Finally, we can all move up a step from BitBlt.

Amazing Wankel DemoVersion: VB6
Author: Charlie LanniSubmitted: 4/4/2005Downloads: 3724
Amazing Wankel Demo developed using 2D plotting routines. Great examples of using the Line and Circle functions. Also includes a new function to get a circle center and radius given three points on the circle.

Virtual reality project.. cool look and feelVersion: VB6
Author: Sha Hussain MirzaSubmitted: 3/26/2005Downloads: 6911
Virtual reality project.. cool look and feel like website. Here u can achive the "first impression is the best impression "

3D Spinning Cube DemonstrationVersion: VB6
Author: dilaSubmitted: 3/17/2005Downloads: 6038
This is a 40 line 3D spinning cube, created using 12 line controls - no DirectX or OpenGL.

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