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clsPDFCreator - PDF CreatorVersion: VB6
Author: Luigi MiccoSubmitted: 3/31/2007Downloads: 16686
clsPDFCreator is the only class for Basic language (Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET, VB 2005, ASP, PowerBasic) that allows you to create documents PDF from any application without using any OCXs or DLL or other external library: only pure standard language. c ...more>>

HTML Editor with BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Matthew W. BrueggemanSubmitted: 2/21/2007Downloads: 4753
A multiple document interface HTML Editor featuring color syntax highlighting, a built-in mini-browser, a preview feature (file must be saved first or if saved, re-saves). Also uses some registry checks for "licensed to" section in about dialog. Some mino ...more>>

Displaying pdf in vb form (implemented)Version: VB6
Author: NileshBEITSubmitted: 1/30/2007Downloads: 6434
Displays pdf file in vb form using webbrowser control

Water MarkerVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 9/10/2006Downloads: 5114
This is a Proto Type File Imaging Software. This BetaRelease Contains features like Multiple Folder and File Addition. Some Other Extra Features Like Password Protection, Image Locking, Searching etc.. have been provided. Go on..ENJOY the Power of "Water ...more>>

Create Your Own File TypeVersion: VB 2005
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 8/18/2006Downloads: 10766
This article describes a simple approach to creating a custom file type. In the example provided, a custom file type is created around a serializable class that is used as a data container holding all of the elements necessary to support an application de ...more>>

Simple Character Counter plus ListviewVersion: VB6
Author: GCPe˝aflorSubmitted: 8/7/2006Downloads: 4704
A Simple Character Counter plus Listview.

How to work with Text filesVersion: VB 2005
Author: DewangSubmitted: 7/12/2006Views: 101674
Shows how to work with Text files.

Get and Set File AttributesVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: i_amSubmitted: 4/17/2006Downloads: 9052
Application to get information for a file like attributes, file time created, size and you can set attributes file to hidden, read-only and system.

Address DiaryVersion: VB6
Author: SANJAY SHARMASubmitted: 3/26/2006Downloads: 5145
Manages address of contacts.

How to Use FileSystemObject (FSO)Version: VB6
Author: Dipak AuddySubmitted: 3/8/2006Downloads: 8715
This Demo Program demonstrates uses of VB's FileSystemObject (FSO). Also Shows How To Use SystemImageList.

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