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Folder Browser DialogVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: R.ThulasiSubmitted: 3/15/2005Downloads: 15773
I've created a simple folder browser dialog for choosing directory.

Enhance XPVersion: VB6
Author: Sasmit S SalviSubmitted: 3/9/2005Downloads: 6407
Enhances your application program to give you the XP Styles.[Only for Windows XP]

Backup tool for MS-Access DatabaseVersion: VB6
Author: Hemant BhatnagarSubmitted: 3/9/2005Downloads: 12222
With the help of this tool you can take backup of your MS-Access files and also restore the files. With Auto backup facility and more. Try it.

DiskDataVersion: VB6
Author: Rory StarkweatherSubmitted: 3/3/2005Downloads: 4431
A cleanup of Ali Ezahir's ( application. No error handling, but some interesting notes. Shows Capacity, free and used space on drives selected from a DriveList box. One feature I added is an easily edited text file which contains a ...more>>

Multi Threaded Address Book Ver 1.0Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Oliver Sintim-AboagyeSubmitted: 2/25/2005Downloads: 11013
This is a simple address book which saves names and numbers into a text file. It uses a simple thread to update a listbox and updates the view from the file as soon as any changes are applied. Hope it help people in file access and threading.

SFC (Safe and Fast Copy)Version: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 2/13/2005Downloads: 7360
Copy any file faster than windows about 50% in some cases. This program uses buffer to copy files safe and fast. You can see the transfer rate and the time remaining of operation. Also delete function is included that first destroy a file and simply ...more>>

File List CreatorVersion: VB6
Author: R.Rama KrishnaSubmitted: 1/21/2005Downloads: 7596
This Application will list out all the files present in a particular location and save them into a text or a word document. This App is very useful if you want a list of files on a CD or any other location. Works Great in case you want to have a li ...more>>

Search EngineVersion: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 11/24/2004Downloads: 8590
Are you in trouble with the low speed of searching on windows? This Search Engine uses a new method for searching your files in your hard disk. Search time is less than 2 seconds... But first you must let program do something. It's a new Invention ...more>>

PDF File CreatorVersion: VB6
Author: Luigi MiccoSubmitted: 11/23/2004Downloads: 15092
The new release: with the new clsPDFCreator, a VB6 class, you can create PDF documents without OCX or DLL. From VB6 to PDF ? No OCX, no DLL ? No problems

Search your hard driveVersion: VB6
Author: Henry PascasioSubmitted: 10/11/2004Downloads: 7207
Scan Your Computer for "Temporary Files" and Delete it to free some space. You can also use this to search a specific file in your hard drive :)

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