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RecPa v2.0Version: VB6
Author: John PilulaSubmitted: 12/24/2003Downloads: 10789
RecPa(Records and Payrolls) can add, edit, delete records and payrolls. It has XP forms on ALL WINDOWS OS!! Icon in System Tray, password protection, changeable background color.

Change folder icons instantlyVersion: VB4
Author: Sarfraz ChandioSubmitted: 12/22/2003Downloads: 7538
This program changes the old yellow icon of a folder to whatever icon you specify.

My PhoneVersion: VB6
Author: Ahmad Abd AlghaniSubmitted: 11/27/2003Downloads: 7082
This program(with xp theme) shows how to creating a random access file, and show how to use a MSComm for creating a dialer. It also contains a simple alarm.

File OperationsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 11/17/2003Downloads: 9618
This App shows a simple demonstration on almost all file operations using simple understandable examples like file renaming, creating, deleting files,directories, & a lot more.

FileCopy ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: Vipin PanickerSubmitted: 11/12/2003Downloads: 7452
This is a FileCopy program for copying any file from the CD Rom. Sometimes a VCD comes and we can't copy the video file to our hard disk. It Terminates after copying some part of the video file. Maybe the reason is bad cd or some other. This program is ...more>>

Retrieve Files by Giving Directory NameVersion: VB6
Author: P.SATISH & P.GOPALlSubmitted: 11/6/2003Views: 19447
This is a simple code which retrieves the files into list boxes by just supplying any directory in the textbox. It also compares the two files which you select from those listboxes by just clicking a button.

DDFileViewer v1.01Version: VB3
Author: Deepanjan DattaSubmitted: 11/3/2003Downloads: 7076
Displays all files in specified directory in a treeview control. There is also a nifty little search feature! Enjoy!

Image PreviewVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 10/17/2003Downloads: 6966
This project describes how to control an Image Box/Picture Box on a form and scroll these in specified area. This is the second version of Image Preview. It is very much similiar to the first version, the difference is only that it works like an Image ...more>>

Text File EditorVersion: VB6
Author: Aziz Ur RehmanSubmitted: 10/14/2003Downloads: 8060
This program is designed to create or update Text Files. In this program you can save your file as ".Txt" file format or ".html" file format.

File OperationsVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 9/25/2003Downloads: 5058
This small operation is an answer to question by Mr. Surinder Singh from Nangal Dam (Pb.) about viewing picture file available on system and other operations. I applied my best efforts to this tiny file. If one of you will find any bug please mail me. Kee ...more>>

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