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File ExplorerVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 4/5/2004Downloads: 11373
Simple coding for beginners on how to design a simple good looking file explorer like windows explorer & open the files either in the in-built space of the app or open them externally.

File System ObjectVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 3/31/2004Downloads: 13588
Play with the FileSystemObjects(FSO) & you'll see how easy & powerful these objects can be. Create file folder, delete file - folder,Copy file folder, rename file-folder, & many more operations demonstrated in this APP.

Open Any FileVersion: VB6
Author: David G.Submitted: 3/31/2004Downloads: 9828
This program was designed to open any file on your hardrive, with very minimal code behind it.

File Kutter ver: 1.00Version: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 3/19/2004Downloads: 5391
This is a file Splitting software. It can split any file in any size without any limit. A DOS batch file is created along with the splitted files, so it can be joined very easily.

Scribble PadVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 3/1/2004Downloads: 9303
Scribble Pad is a complete text editor, this has all the great features of Microsoft NotePad and so much more. Scribble Pad has so many features, let me list them: New, Open, Save, Save As, Page Setup, Print, Recent Files, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, ...more>>

Cipher DriveVersion: VB6
Author: Peter EdmondsonSubmitted: 2/25/2004Downloads: 5574
Creates a virtual drive which when unloaded encrypts data using RC4 and blowfish ciphers. Excellent encryption program.

Delete Files N Number Of Days OldVersion: VB3
Author: Vivek NigamSubmitted: 2/16/2004Downloads: 6683
This function will allow you to delete all type of files N number of days old from today's date or the data supplied by the user. It will also set the file Attributes before deletion, if file having Read Only Attributes, application will set normal Attrib ...more>>

Delete a DirectoryVersion: VB6
Author: Daniel M. IonescuSubmitted: 2/9/2004Views: 16741
A very simple procedure to delete a directory and the entire subdirectory structure.

Export data to a *.csv fileVersion: VB6
Author: Daniel M. IonescuSubmitted: 1/21/2004Views: 44594
You can export from a user defined data structure. A new file is created each time the export procedure is called.

List all foldersVersion: VB5
Author: KarlSubmitted: 12/31/2003Downloads: 7888
List all folders & sub folders within a given folder.

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