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Rename Files using Date formatVersion: VB6
Author: William MwangiSubmitted: 3/2/2006Downloads: 5591
Ever wanted to rename multiple directories using a specific date format? Tis demo shows you how to rename several folders named nder the criteria as MMDDYYYY to DDMMYYYY you can manipulate it to suit your needs.

Move File Contents to Another FileVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vineshkumar Dhansukhbhai PatelSubmitted: 1/10/2006Downloads: 8167
This project helps you to move one file contents into another file format or same format. It's very much usefull to create file with old file contents.

File Folder ViewVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Nilesh VankaniSubmitted: 11/20/2005Downloads: 13696
This is the program that demostrates how to use functionality. I make this programm to show the files and folder list in tree view with original ICON of that file. I not find any control for this...Its good for Beginner and Experience programmer al ...more>>

Rename your PhotosVersion: VB6
Author: Cai WaltersSubmitted: 9/29/2005Downloads: 5086
When unloading your digital camara-photos to your hard-drive you'll get names like: DSN00231.JPG, DSN00232.JPG etc. This program let's you rename your filenames to a usefull name like: 2005-12-31 New Year 001.JPG, 2005-12-31 New Year 002.JPG

WinXEditorVersion: VB6
Author: dhimansahebSubmitted: 9/18/2005Downloads: 4059
A mimic of Windows WordPad with Rular for Indents and Tab Stop setting and Insert Picture and Object Option.

Java EditorVersion: VB6
Author: AneeshSubmitted: 7/28/2005Downloads: 5298
Application for writing, compiling, andrunning java code.

Find And Replace PhraseVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Khalid AlmannaiSubmitted: 7/7/2005Downloads: 7034
I've made this tiny application to help all users and specially developers to append their files rapidly without the need to open the files one by one. This really helpful if you have a punch of files that you want to replace some specific word/phrase wit ...more>>

Archiver 6.0Version: VB6
Author: Timothy L Slater Jr.Submitted: 6/17/2005Downloads: 4552
Visual Basic Program that Demonstrates how to create file associations with Windows, and concepts behind Archiving Files.

Stealth DirectoryVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: SIMONSubmitted: 6/7/2005Downloads: 9891
This program acts as an agent in hidding your files on the usb flash memory. your directories will not appear even if the user chooses to see hidden files.

HyperPad - Notepad with extra functionsVersion: VB6
Author: Silv3rFr3akSubmitted: 3/20/2005Downloads: 5182
This notepad shows how to incorperate different languages (English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish & Portuguese) into your software. Also it has syntax highlighting and uses INI file.

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