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File SplitterVersion: VB4
Author: Puspa Raj MahatSubmitted: 9/18/2003Downloads: 6207
FileSplitter is tool to break large file upto 1.9GB size into user specified filesize split files then later it can be combined into original file. It uses Wizard Interface. No compression, only 17 bytes header added. Combines files very effectively even ...more>>

File SplitterVersion: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 9/11/2003Downloads: 5377
Having trouble with your large files? You can simply split your files by any size you want with many options. You can also simply join the club files. It will also give you the operation time in seconds. It gives you a good look at file properties.

Professional Search 2Version: VB6
Author: Ziad SaidSubmitted: 9/5/2003Downloads: 9285
This is my version 2 of Professional Search. You can use it to search for files, folders, and hidden files and folders. You can also paste, cut, copy or delete the found items.

File Copier and MoverVersion: VB5
Author: ShuvroSubmitted: 7/15/2003Downloads: 8731
It can Copy file to a destination folder also can move file(Cut-paste)

Windows File Seeker 1.22Version: VB5
Author: ShuvroSubmitted: 7/9/2003Downloads: 6197
It can find all directories, sub directories for a specific file.

Computerized ExaminationVersion: VB6
Author: Aris BuenaventuraSubmitted: 7/7/2003Downloads: 10470
This program is a computerized examination. It has a very nice graphic design. All questions and options are randomized. You can add as many categories as you will (the program will automatically read all the categories)...and more

File Delete SystemVersion: VB4
Author: ShuvroSubmitted: 7/7/2003Downloads: 7084
It can delete specific File to Recycle Bin or Delete it Completely. Can Delete Several files at a time. Faster than Windows can Delete. With Error Handler.

This class is used to create backup copy of a file...Version: VB5
Author: Ashfaqur Rahman PallabSubmitted: 6/10/2003Downloads: 7397
This class is used to create backup copy of a file. Set the SourceFile and BackupFile propterties to two file names. While calling Backup method, the class will create a copy of the Source File to the path of BackupFile property. You can also replace the ...more>>

DelveFile v1.02 is a remake of the earlier version...Version: VB3
Author: Deepanjan DattaSubmitted: 6/8/2003Downloads: 4656
DelveFile v1.02 is a remake of the earlier version of the same application. This time it has a more colourful interface and a directory listing capability : You select the drive and it shows all the directories it is capable of searching in that drive!

It's a simple VB Class that can be used to write t...Version: VB5
Author: Ashfaqur Rahman PallabSubmitted: 6/5/2003Downloads: 9167
It's a simple VB Class that can be used to write to or read from a sequential file. You can create a new file, or can add text to an existing file using the WriteToFile method. The WriteMode Property determines whether to add or create a new file. The Rea ...more>>

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