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Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Anita WalkerSubmitted: 3/15/2001Downloads: 10908
Spice up your site with this absolutely free interactive Flash guest book done in ASP and Flash. You can choose from various interfaces. SQL Server and Access database versions available. Features: Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and sm ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Mark DochstaderSubmitted: 3/8/2001Downloads: 8504
AKimage is a component that allows web developers to retrieve the dimensions, colour depth and file type of an image file residing on the server. Web pages can then be generated dynamically, using the information retrieved. A sample application and full d ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Mokarrabin RahmanSubmitted: 3/8/2001Downloads: 25430
ASP application to add your website to 50 + TOP Search Engines. Enter your information only once and click on each engine name to submit.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Lewis MotenSubmitted: 2/19/2001Downloads: 9457
Allows you to upload multiple files and fields without purchasing or registering COM objects. Great for shared hosts that frown upon 3rd Party com objects or charge an arm and a leg for them. This version uses Classes rather then the dictionary object tha ...more>>

Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: Peter RileySubmitted: 2/13/2001Views: 18856
ASP sample code which shows how to connect to a database, create a recordset containing data from a table, and then display the results.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Andi ZainSubmitted: 12/30/2000Downloads: 8634
This download counter script uses ASP file system object to get the size of the download file and to track how many times a file is already downloaded.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Andi ZainSubmitted: 12/30/2000Downloads: 8473
Tell a Friend Script ==================== This is an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site. This Script also use JavaScript to validate the form.

Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: Harish SCSubmitted: 12/5/2000Views: 16671
This is calendar program written in ASP,CUT AND PASTE THE CODE AND NAME THE FILE AS calendar.asp

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Matt LemonSubmitted: 11/30/2000Downloads: 10437
K Base is a simple knowledge base that allows users to add and query database entries. Each user can be given their own username and password. There is also an admin status that lets them delete records and administer users.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: ComersusSubmitted: 11/27/2000Downloads: 22618
Electronic commerce software 100% in ASP that enable businesses to sell goods and services over the Internet with the following features: full cart, user profiling, database driven (Access, SQL), Taxes, BackOffice web, SSL, Sophisticated Shipping rates, m ...more>>

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