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Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: Anton DeveSubmitted: 6/27/2002Views: 14341
This article describes how to turn your IIS Web Server to a WAP server that creates WBMP images on the fly. The article consists of 3 parts. First part describes how to configure IIS. Second part tells you about how to create WBMP images on the fly. Third ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: ABHISHEK PANDEYSubmitted: 6/27/2002Downloads: 11030
Active Server Pages Code Generator. Source Code Generator. ASP Code generator.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: LPMSubmitted: 5/10/2002Downloads: 10126
ASP Forum ********* Features: 1)Supporting the second layer and third layer of forum information at the same time. 2)Supporting two databases - ACCESS & SQL 2000. 3)Supporting Chinese and English at the same time (In fact, supporting multi-la ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Zeeshan MehmoodSubmitted: 3/13/2002Downloads: 11507
This is a web wizard that can be used to to create a webpage without any coding. Simple ASP Script uses FSO (File System Object). You can also use this script on your website. Just Copy & Paste.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Pradeep MamgainSubmitted: 2/23/2002Downloads: 13219
I have developed this guestbook using Flash and ASP. A access database is used to save data and result is displayed in flash Movie in HTML format.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Junau ChungSubmitted: 2/13/2002Downloads: 11840
ASP User Interface Utility for MS Access Database (.MDB) written in VB Script and JavaScript. Now with more features and less bugs than the previous version. Great tool for administrators.

Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: Muddasir HussainSubmitted: 12/30/2001Views: 14451
You can write a text by using ASP code into your text file.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Junau ChungSubmitted: 12/27/2001Downloads: 12190
Visual Basic/ASP Script for MS ACCESS ADO connection interface. Open any table in any access database by simply typing in the path and name of the database file (.MDB)

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Robin CoodeSubmitted: 12/9/2001Downloads: 14403
Database driven grid component based on VB COM DLL, ASP and DHTML behaviours. Grids can be searched, sorted, edited and results saved in HTML, Word or Excel formats. Fully encapsulated, grids can be linked together on the same page to create powerful dril ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Mark DochstaderSubmitted: 7/3/2001Downloads: 13873
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) provides industry recognized protection for your web-based username/password databases. This ASP component easily allows developers to create a one-way hashed version of passwords that are more secure against dictionary attac ...more>>

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