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Intranet DirectoryVersion: ASP
Author: kirySubmitted: 2/6/2006Downloads: 7174
Intranet Directory. If you need the database for it please ask me.

Multi User Login & AuthenticationVersion: ASP
Author: Rahul MahajanSubmitted: 1/3/2006Downloads: 17986
Multi-User Login & User Authentication with database connectivity. The files includes - login, Registration, Password Retrieving, Authentication and added files. Plus Admin files for viewing and editing database content online.

Display last selected value in ComboBoxVersion: ASP
Author: Vimal LakheraSubmitted: 5/26/2005Views: 33100
This code displays last selected value in ComboBox.

Text Encryption with a Password in pure ASPVersion: ASP
Author: Nick HauensteinSubmitted: 5/26/2005Views: 27216
This is a text encryption/decryption snippet that utilizes the powerful xICE encryption algorithm. It's extremely simple to use. To encrypt use: QuickEncrypt("your text","password") To decrypt just use: QuickDecrypt("encrypted text here","passwor ...more>>

ASPMyAdmin For SQL ServerVersion: ASP
Author: Sukalyan ChakrabortySubmitted: 4/14/2005Downloads: 10959
ASPMyAdmin is a SQL Server front end aimed to develop it into a full featured SQL Server web front end in future for free usage. Please send your comments, feedback, bug reports and suggestions so that I can make it a good usable free software. I am de ...more>>

Priore PayPal ASP ProceduresVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/11/2005Downloads: 7855
A simple way how to use the PayPal automation service for the payments and save customer data in to database. This code is written in ASP and distributed under the GNU General Public License which means that its source code is freely-distributed and avai ...more>>

How to hide controls using VBScriptVersion: ASP
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 19081
You could use tags to hide controls within your ASP page by using VBScript.

Complete VB site, Visual Basic DirectoryVersion: ASP
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 11/6/2004Downloads: 8800
A complete VB site, this is a link directory with submission and search engine. A powerful counter and advertiser..., you can see the live example at

MagicGridVersion: ASP
Author: Abhijeet KaulgudSubmitted: 9/2/2004Downloads: 9667
MagicGrid is an all-in-one grid for ASP programmers. It is a 3 Level Hierarchial Grid. You can Add, Edit, Delete Items under all the three levels. You can also cut-copy-paste Items from one level to other, It happens just by drag & drop!

cForums ASP ForumsVersion: ASP
Author: c6dSubmitted: 5/31/2004Downloads: 8899
ASP forums, private messaging etc...

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