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GuestbookVersion: ASP
Author: Umair QureshiSubmitted: 5/22/2004Downloads: 10646
A guestbook totally developed in ASP. Nice designing. You can use this guestbook for your personal site.

Online Book StoreVersion: ASP
Author: Zeeshan MahmoodSubmitted: 1/25/2004Downloads: 21134
Online Book Store is the complete e-Commerce application written in ASP. You can use this application for your personal or company use for free. Good looking web layout with credit card validation and invalid characters functions in a separate javascript ...more>>

Multi Dropdowns in ASP with DatabasesVersion: ASP
Author: Jamal Ahmad MalikSubmitted: 12/1/2003Downloads: 10696
Multi Dropdowns in ASP with Database shows how to select a value from one dropdown and the second dropdown will show the corresponding values of first dropdown from database table. Very useful.

Using Speech in ASP (Text To Speech)Version: ASP
Author: Jamal Ahmad MalikSubmitted: 12/1/2003Downloads: 8461
This ASP file shows how to implement Microsoft SAPI in ASP pages. You will write text and it will then be converted to speech. Requires Microsoft SAPI 5.1

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Krishna Kumar AgrawalSubmitted: 3/25/2003Downloads: 6919
This is An ASP page for TICKTACKTOE (Right, Wrong)GAME, Copy the file(s) (1 asp and 2 jpg) after extracting file into ur virtual directory, and run through internet explorer http://computer1/krishnas/ticktacktoe/ticktacktoe.asp, if u have ...more>>

Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: MuhamadSubmitted: 3/18/2003Views: 14040
This is a very simple script that allows you to access and display an IP address in ASP. This is done by using the ASP Request object.

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Krishna Kumar AgrawalSubmitted: 3/14/2003Downloads: 6679
This is an ASP page with 6 images, It makes MATCHES based on the FLAMES (as we all played on our childhood), copy the files into your virtual directory and run through Internet Explorer http://computer1/krishnas/flames/flames.asp, requires (windows 2000 & ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Antonin FollerSubmitted: 1/21/2003Downloads: 11523
Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator, without external components. ASP upload to server disk, database or email attachment, upload with image preview and email notification, secure (h ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: ASP
Author: Zeeshan MehmoodSubmitted: 1/13/2003Downloads: 7333
Drive Explorer is totally written in ASP. It usefull when you want to see your drive contents in your browser(Internet Explorer OR Netscape). This Drive Explorer uses FSO (File System Object).

Untitled (click to view code)Version: ASP
Author: Bob LaPointeSubmitted: 7/18/2002Views: 17978
Simple little VBScript to turn off Mouse Right Click on your ASP pages. Keeps users from viewing or abusing your code.

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