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Only QuizVersion: VB5
Author: William PerkettSubmitted: 10/3/2004Downloads: 7663
Msagent Program (Quiz) - Ask TALKING Multiple choice questions from the Quiz file (Story) - can read stories that the kids write. (Book) - Create a book with pictures, sounds and have it read to you. (Create a play) - Program characters to talk and a ...more>>

EaseshoppieVersion: VB5
Author: D.Shanmmuga SundaramSubmitted: 9/26/2004Downloads: 9259
This Easyshoppie (which will be much useful for the shops which involves in buying and selling the products) is a Software which is created using the Microsoft Flexgrid for handling datas, Microsoft Common Controls-2.5 (SP2),Microsoft common controls-2.6 ...more>>

Generate Excel Pivot Reports using VBVersion: VB6
Author: Ramdeep BhattacharyaSubmitted: 9/25/2004Downloads: 11666
MS Excel offers highly flexible reporting capabilities in the form of Pivot tables. This article shows how a general procedure can be written in VB to generate reports as Excel pivot tables using COM.The data is fetched from a SQL Server 2000 database usi ...more>>

Visual Menu Ex 1.16Version: VB5
Author: PartaksoftSubmitted: 8/8/2004Downloads: 14498
MenuBar with 20+ benefit Skin (WinXP,Office2003,XP,2000,...) You can create and design quickly Custom MenuBar with WYSIWYG Editor and Custom Color Wizard by this ActiveX Control.

XP command buttonVersion: VB6
Author: imran ullah khanSubmitted: 8/6/2004Downloads: 11601
This is an xp style button.

Get Stable cursor backcolor in Textbox Version: VB6
Author: KartheeeeSubmitted: 7/30/2004Downloads: 5592
I have created the OCX for cursor backcolor on textbox(prjtxt.ocx). It is working well. See Project1.vbp. One problem however. If cursor send to other control(like msgbox or other than the current form) from textbox then it won't show cursor color aga ...more>>

Visual Basic 6 CODE FIXER AddInVersion: VB6
Author: Roger GilchristSubmitted: 7/24/2004Downloads: 7262
This is a VB6 Add-In which allows you to indent code, find and repair/improve code for greater efficiency and readability and includes a user friendly replacement for VB's Find And Replace Tool. The Find Tool component is designed to be permanently docked ...more>>

Flickerfree XpFrameVersion: VB5
Author: Stefan MährSubmitted: 7/21/2004Downloads: 6005
Prevent this annoying flicker effect of the vb6 frame control when using a manifest file or resource file for xp-style.

WordPadVersion: VB5
Author: Muhammad SheerazSubmitted: 7/18/2004Downloads: 5719
This is a simple wordpad application.

Remote Control 1.3Version: VB5
Author: BhagwatSubmitted: 7/7/2004Downloads: 23395
Excellent code for beginners learning TCP/IP based Communication. This application is like "PcAnyWhere". ### Features of Remote Control Application ### Logoff, Reboot, ShutDown Remote System, LockRemote System, Get Remote System OS Info, User Inf ...more>>

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