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VB Unicode Hyperlink controlVersion: VB6
Author: Scott DowneySubmitted: 3/4/2005Downloads: 5889
Hyperlink OCX control uses enable url detect on a rich text box and works with unicode strings such as Chinese Japanese, etc...properly. Fast screen paints and recognizes every hyperlink url format. Launches the default web browser or email app for the l ...more>>

NJButtonsVersion: VB5
Author: NajibSubmitted: 12/23/2004Downloads: 8293
Buttons which can be given different look by changing some values.

Advanced CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Ajit ChoudharySubmitted: 12/22/2004Downloads: 8625
This is "Scientific calculator" with time or date function. And better use of timer. It has xp-buttton with effective color animation. It is the great venture that provides to you a best calculator comparison to other windows calculator (windows xp-calc ...more>>

How to Create ActiveX Control in VBVersion: VB5
Author: ChandrashekarSubmitted: 12/17/2004Downloads: 10965
A Simple ActiveX Control code having properties as interval and Start.

MarqueeVersion: VB6
Author: Ajit ChoudharySubmitted: 12/14/2004Downloads: 8366
Simple marquee.

Windowless User control to drag formVersion: VB6
Author: Steve HuntSubmitted: 12/7/2004Downloads: 6371
This Windowless User control allows the user to drag the parent form even if that form is borderless. Also useful when applications are deployed to touch screen PC's.

JanChart - A Free Gantt Chart OCXVersion: VB6
Author: Jimmi A. KembarenSubmitted: 11/25/2004Downloads: 12641
JanChart is a free gantt chart ocx. You can customize your chart very easily. So, if you want to create a gantt chart... use JanChart.

WireframeVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/25/2004Downloads: 7338
3D wireframe modeller, all VB, no external libraries. Easily create your own models.

Mapping SoftwareVersion: VB6
Author: Shamuga Sundaram DSubmitted: 10/16/2004Downloads: 8577
This mapping software allows the user to point to countries and this will then display their capitals, their population, their area etc. If you click on the map it will open the concerned continent. This software is based on my idea.

Personal AssistantVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 10/9/2004Downloads: 11030
This is particularly designed for company owners who own a company and want to have their employee details, their suppliers details, their savings in banks, their withdrawls from banks, payments made to their clients etc. The login info is, Usernam ...more>>

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