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XP Cool ActiveXVersion: VB6
Author: Pichandi AnchinayanSubmitted: 10/22/2003Downloads: 12414
XP Cool ActiveX Form, Command Button, TextBox, and 3D Label.

Dropdown CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Abdul GAfoor GKSubmitted: 10/10/2003Downloads: 6213
This is a major update to my old Dropdown Calculator.

ADO Data Edit ControlVersion: VB5
Author: Ashfaqur Rahman PallabSubmitted: 10/4/2003Downloads: 8575
The control encapsulates the common data editing functions like Add, Edit, Update, Delete etc along with data navigation features. Just drop a control on the form and set its Recordset property to any ADO recordset (by code) that you want to come with edi ...more>>

XP ProgressBarVersion: VB5
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 9/18/2003Downloads: 10124
Excellent ocx control for WinXP like progess bar.A lso included an .exe to show the usage. I simply used shape controls to bring out this fascinating control. No hard coding, but unbelievable output.

Chat + file sending optionsVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 9/17/2003Downloads: 10668
This project demonstrates how we can send file to the remote computer from the client to the server and server to the client and chat option using winsock activex.

VB SplitterVersion: VB5
Author: Theo ZachariasSubmitted: 9/16/2003Downloads: 6226
VB Splitter is a developer-friendly ActiveX control to allow the user to resize docked controls at run-time. You can now have a splitting-capability for any number of controls with only one VB Splitter control and one line of code in your program. The con ...more>>

HCS Analog ClockVersion: VB5
Author: Hugo Ariel Galán MenchacaSubmitted: 9/9/2003Downloads: 7396
This is Analog Clock ActiveX control. Displays an Analog Clock and you can change the appearance by changing the pictures of the background or any part of the clock.

Bolding Dates in Calendar ControlVersion: VB5
Author: p.l.manikandanSubmitted: 9/9/2003Downloads: 6263
This project is used for bolding the particular dates for the Microsoft Calendar control. Usefull for beginners using the calendar control.

Smart Progress BarVersion: VB5
Author: Manoj KogataSubmitted: 9/4/2003Downloads: 7417
A few sample progress bar controls for your applications.

Marquee ActiveX ControlVersion: VB5
Author: Bijay RaiSubmitted: 9/2/2003Downloads: 7806
You all might have used the IE's tag if you've ever designed a website! This ActiveX control does the same thing as the tag. You can scroll, slide or alternately move text on your app's form. Just place an instance of the control, set ...more>>

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