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KeyMakerPRO 2.10Version: VB5
Author: PartaksoftSubmitted: 4/23/2004Downloads: 8697
KeyMakerPRO is the ultimate tool, easier and faster than ever. it will help you create a trial,shareware,... application with generate key and more! -100% security guarantee. -100% Powerful Control and Incredibly Flexible. -Generate software key and r ...more>>

Visual Button Ex 1.15Version: VB5
Author: PartaksoftSubmitted: 4/23/2004Downloads: 8134
The Visual Button Ex control provides complete control over evry aspect of its appearance and behavior, it's the ideal button any developer. - Button Type: Windows 16-bit,Windows 32-bit, Windows XP,Mac,Java Metal, Netscape,Simple Flat,Flat Highlight, ...more>>

Determining the status of your caps lockVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 4/23/2004Downloads: 5137
Determining the status of your caps lock!

Copy and paste information in VBVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 4/23/2004Downloads: 5390
Copy and paste information in Visual Basic.

OMs 3D Label ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Pradeep NairSubmitted: 4/5/2004Downloads: 6186
OMs 3DLabel : You can make 3D Labels with this ActiveX control. You can change Caption,Font, FontSize, Back Color, ForeColor, ShadeColor, Shade Alignment (ShadeAlign - TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight) and Shade Length.

EXSliderVersion: VB6
Author: Mahmoud KayaliSubmitted: 3/24/2004Downloads: 5054
A Slider that sets its value to the space you clicked. Please read readme.txt file for additional info.

Password Control 1.2Version: VB6
Author: COBEINSubmitted: 3/24/2004Downloads: 7072
New release of password control ------------------------------- Password control is an Activex control to replace the textbox. Is protected against "Keystrokes recording programs" and "Password Stealers programs". Try it.

Useful Textbox Activex ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Ketan M ChauhanSubmitted: 3/13/2004Downloads: 7480
UseFul Activex Textbox Control. Masked Only Number Masked Only Number with decimal Masked Only upper case Masked Only Lower case Masked Only Prop case (title case ) Also provides Focus Back color change and lost Focus Back color change Ve ...more>>

Fee Management SystemVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 3/9/2004Downloads: 18235
This Fees Management System (which will be much useful for the institutions which involves in processing of fees) is a Software which is created using the Microsoft Flexgrid, and MSHFlexgrid (Different from the others which I have used in my Software bef ...more>>

Typer ChallengeVersion: VB6
Author: David ParrSubmitted: 3/6/2004Downloads: 4783
This program gives the user 1 minute to type as many words and characters as possible. When the time is up it counts amount of words typed and characters typed. This program is aimed at beginners wanting to look into this sort of thing.

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