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PassWordBoxVersion: VB6
Author: COBEINSubmitted: 8/29/2003Downloads: 7191
Password control is an Activex control to replace the textbox. Is protected against "Keystrokes recording programs" and "Password Crackers programs". Try it.

Power TimerVersion: VB6
Author: RJ GallermoSubmitted: 8/25/2003Downloads: 8387
A Control that has the ability to Restart, Shutdown and Log-Off your system. I recommend to put this in a command button or Timer control.

Label Text Box CombinedVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 8/22/2003Downloads: 6108
This is a simple OCX control combining the power of both Label & Textbox. This is my first submission. Just try it guys. Thank you.

GridVersion: VB5
Author: C.CollavinSubmitted: 8/17/2003Downloads: 7390
Simple editable grid.

Clock ActiveX ControlVersion: VB4
Author: Irfan AfzalSubmitted: 8/17/2003Downloads: 6328
This is a simple example of ActiveX control. Just place an instance of this control on form. This Control is a timer that displays the System Time. You can change the Back Color, Font Color, Font Style and Border Color of this Control at Design time as we ...more>>

XP Style command buttonsVersion: VB6
Author: Tim NarySubmitted: 7/25/2003Downloads: 13282
Create XP Style command buttons (or any style you can image) and select 1 of 10 different 'hover' colors. Allows you to specify the images used for MouseOff, MouseOver, MouseDown, and Disabled. Source Code included.

FormShaper v2.01Version: VB6
Author: FusionCorpsSubmitted: 7/17/2003Downloads: 7607
Updated on 7/16/03 Create any form to your artistic ability! Now updated for Win XP.

OCX control that uses the powerful FMOD sound syst...Version: VB6
Author: Neptune Century Inc.Submitted: 6/23/2003Downloads: 10589
OCX control that uses the powerful FMOD sound system engine. Compiled to ocx for easy use. Add MP3, ogg, midi, xm, it, s3m and CD's to your app in a snap. Includes Spectrum Analyzer and other dsp fx including Equalizer.

This program is an OCX application and written in ...Version: VB4
Author: j.koolsSubmitted: 6/14/2003Downloads: 4331
This program is an OCX application and written in Visual Basic CCE and developed under Win98. The Program can write trendlines for your own program.The Demo version is available for only one inputchannel. Longterm measurements of 21 days are possible.The ...more>>

Complete application. This utility checks your vis...Version: VB6
Author: senthil.mSubmitted: 6/5/2003Downloads: 5714
Complete application. This utility checks your visual basic project files frm, bas and cls for variables declared to the microsoft standard. This will check all local, module and global level variables defined in the Project.

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