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Webcam. Send and receive live video.Version: VB6
Author: Miguel LironSubmitted: 5/6/2006Downloads: 16360
Webcam. Send and receive live video.Client and server, full code. Tested with windows xp. If you don't have WinXP, you may need the GDIplus.dll.

Network Login on VB.NetVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Tomas BerrumSubmitted: 2/28/2006Downloads: 15490
I made this code in less then a day It is a network login program. Just create a folder called login on one of your network machines and change "\\laptop\login\" with "your comuter name or ip\login\" Note you can make this program start with out explor ...more>>

Network MonitorVersion: VB6
Author: Shahin OlakaraSubmitted: 1/4/2006Downloads: 14616
This network monitoring tool monitors the network and logs the faults.

RAT:Remote Administration ToolVersion: VB6
Author: TheDaywalkerSubmitted: 11/20/2005Downloads: 17582
RAT is an advanced utility developed for network administrators to track and control over the network computers. It had coded in simple and effective way using VB 6.0. It contains server and client program. server will be handeled by admins and client wil ...more>>

Network SimulatorVersion: VB6
Author: N.ArvindSubmitted: 11/7/2005Downloads: 7216
A simple Network Simulator with a predifined network using the Shortest path ideology where the user can input his own destination and cost of each path with source as constant. For queries please email me at

NSChat (NetSend Based Application)Version: VB6
Author: Daniel MoxonSubmitted: 9/5/2005Downloads: 9203
This application is a GUI interface for Net Send which allows identity spoofing, buddy management, blocking messages, and searching users in a domain. This application makes it easy to find people on a lan and communicate with them easily without being on ...more>>

Chatter - Chat ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: vindicatorzthiefSubmitted: 8/28/2005Downloads: 8775
This is a chat program originally taken from manjits chat progy on this site. (i think it has been modded enough to be mine though) ..i added admin panel and status bar and commands and this kewl connection status box thingy... still only supports one cli ...more>>

[UPDATED] NChat network/internet chat application!Version: VB6
Author: GraydaSubmitted: 6/3/2005Downloads: 10892
Thankyou to for selecting NChat as the code of the month! I'm back again with a new version of your favourite chat-in-a-box, NChat! A lot of work has gone into this, but was put on hold for the linux / macintosh version, which is still age ...more>>

Lan MessengerVersion: VB6
Author: Someshwar thakurSubmitted: 4/18/2005Downloads: 17502
This software show how you can make your button round and send message on Lan to different users.

Network CommunicatorVersion: VB6
Author: Jodil DavisSubmitted: 4/18/2005Downloads: 12495
This software is designed to conduct Multi user text conferencing in a client server network. This software has added facilities like Whiteboard, Saving the Chat as Text file, Saving the Whiteboard as Picture file, User Report Generation for Administrator ...more>>

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