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BaBoon Chat - secure chat programVersion: VB6
Author: Tom AdelaarSubmitted: 10/26/2003Downloads: 10225
Peer-to-peer secure chat application, using RSA, Serpent and Rijndael. Have fun!

My MessengerVersion: VB6
Author: Milutinovic MilosSubmitted: 10/5/2003Downloads: 10805
Send message application using "NET SEND"!

Network ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Cm.Shafi, KuzhippuramSubmitted: 9/29/2003Downloads: 24717
It is useful for networked computer centers and internet cafe. Manage many systems from one server or main system. Can be shutdown and can send messages from one computer to another.

Check For Valid IP AddressVersion: VB6
Author: Pete WaterfieldSubmitted: 8/27/2003Views: 42839
A small function to test if an IP address string is valid. Returns True if it is.

AutoClose ProgramsVersion: VB6
Author: Edgar MamugaySubmitted: 8/20/2003Downloads: 11072
For you System Administrators out there! The program (client) once setup will automatically close all programs that are listed form the server. If the server is off, then the last settings will apply. The program (Server) will provide the list (provide ...more>>

IP & Subnetting ToolVersion: VB6
Author: oOBaRxOoSubmitted: 8/19/2003Downloads: 9352
This is my first real (USEFULL) app, I created it to help me calculate subnets and IP addresses of hosts going onto subnets. Let me know what you think and about any bugs.

Remote ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Bhagwat SinghSubmitted: 8/2/2003Downloads: 19567
Advanced Remote Control. Try it!!!

MSN FTP - Alternative MSN file TransferVersion: VB6
Author: Andrew ArmstrongSubmitted: 7/24/2003Downloads: 9224
Allows you to send small files behind any firewall etc as long as MSN messenger can connect. Can be modified to cater for large files. Demonstrates Messenger Object, uuencode, uudecode, custom transfer protocol and file handling.

LAN MessengerVersion: VB5
Author: Pranabesh SinhaSubmitted: 7/12/2003Downloads: 13969
This application can be used for sending messages in a LAN.

Chat using modem without ISPVersion: VB5
Author: Arindam PalSubmitted: 7/5/2003Downloads: 11801
This application connects two modems using telephone line and enables chatting...

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