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Displays Host Name and IP listVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: AliSubmitted: 4/8/2005Downloads: 17895
This simple code displays the HostName and List of IPs available on your machine.

Search Accelerator client-server applicationVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 6439
increases searching speed on network and finds file on network it done as a final year prject for BE program so any suggetion then pls mail at my mail id

Search Accelerator client versionVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 4561
This is the client version of search accelerator u can use it when u want to find the files on the network by installing client and server version of search accelerator mail me for any suggestions and if you can value it then i would be grate ful to you m ...more>>

Client ChatVersion: VB6
Author: alpesh s vaghasiyaSubmitted: 1/15/2005Downloads: 8349
This app. shows how to use winsock and how to connect with server in network.

Winsock BoardCastVersion: VB6
Author: sKcSubmitted: 12/24/2004Downloads: 8756
BoardCast message to network using Winsock. It has 2 programs. One for Server and another for clients. Comments/Suggestions are welcome at

Remote ShutdownVersion: VB6
Author: sKcSubmitted: 11/26/2004Downloads: 19509
This is a project designed for remotely shutdown computers using WinSock control.

One-to-One Private MessengerVersion: VB5
Author: NickSubmitted: 9/24/2004Downloads: 13059
This is a very easy to understand and use code that allows 2 machines to communicate with each other using a secure port. The application uses winsock. Special features: Minimise to System Tray Pop-Up Window : like MSN Messenger I havent put any ...more>>

FTP Client based on Winsock controlVersion: VB5
Author: Abhishek ChatterjeeSubmitted: 9/16/2004Downloads: 13907
I had been to this site a long time back to search for an FTP client made using Winsock, but couldn't find one. I am contributing one, although quite rigid, but lets u learn more in socket programming. A text box shows all the FTP commands being issued a ...more>>

Intranet Mail ServiceVersion: VB6
Author: J.Ganesh KumarSubmitted: 9/8/2004Downloads: 8859
This project supports, intranet mail service (i.e: email and chat). Backend: Sql7.0 (Necessary)

Fundo NetVersion: VB5
Author: Amit V. DaliSubmitted: 9/5/2004Downloads: 8377
It's fundo network tool that performs operations like ping, net send, create user, net session, get mac, create user and many more...

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