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Search Accelerator client-server applicationVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 5893
increases searching speed on network and finds file on network it done as a final year prject for BE program so any suggetion then pls mail at my mail id

Search Accelerator client versionVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 4003
This is the client version of search accelerator u can use it when u want to find the files on the network by installing client and server version of search accelerator mail me for any suggestions and if you can value it then i would be grate ful to you m ...more>>

Client ChatVersion: VB6
Author: alpesh s vaghasiyaSubmitted: 1/15/2005Downloads: 7783
This app. shows how to use winsock and how to connect with server in network.

Winsock BoardCastVersion: VB6
Author: sKcSubmitted: 12/24/2004Downloads: 8228
BoardCast message to network using Winsock. It has 2 programs. One for Server and another for clients. Comments/Suggestions are welcome at

Remote ShutdownVersion: VB6
Author: sKcSubmitted: 11/26/2004Downloads: 18960
This is a project designed for remotely shutdown computers using WinSock control.

One-to-One Private MessengerVersion: VB5
Author: NickSubmitted: 9/24/2004Downloads: 12517
This is a very easy to understand and use code that allows 2 machines to communicate with each other using a secure port. The application uses winsock. Special features: Minimise to System Tray Pop-Up Window : like MSN Messenger I havent put any ...more>>

FTP Client based on Winsock controlVersion: VB5
Author: Abhishek ChatterjeeSubmitted: 9/16/2004Downloads: 13196
I had been to this site a long time back to search for an FTP client made using Winsock, but couldn't find one. I am contributing one, although quite rigid, but lets u learn more in socket programming. A text box shows all the FTP commands being issued a ...more>>

Intranet Mail ServiceVersion: VB6
Author: J.Ganesh KumarSubmitted: 9/8/2004Downloads: 8343
This project supports, intranet mail service (i.e: email and chat). Backend: Sql7.0 (Necessary)

Fundo NetVersion: VB5
Author: Amit V. DaliSubmitted: 9/5/2004Downloads: 7824
It's fundo network tool that performs operations like ping, net send, create user, net session, get mac, create user and many more...

Winsock API classesVersion: VB5
Author: Emiliano ScavuzzoSubmitted: 7/3/2004Downloads: 9351
CSocketMaster class is a winsock control substitute. It has the same interface and behavior winsock has so don't worry about having to learn how to use it. If you know how winsock works then you already know how CSocketMaster works. You can use a socket i ...more>>

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