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Sending Array through Socket Server CodeVersion: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 4178
This App is used to Get the Data through Socket -- Server Side.

Data Sending through Socket -- Client SideVersion: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 4850
The App help to Send the array type data through Socket to the Server or other Client.

Sending the Files to IP Address Version: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 8145
This helps to send and Receive file to particular IP Address (Client and Server Side Script).

Net SenderVersion: VB6
Author: Kiran Kumar BhogarajuSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 7537
This Application Sends Net Send Message From One Computer to another computer which are connected through LAN.

Lightspeed IP ScannerVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 2/3/2007Downloads: 10163
A quiet fast IP scanner that allows you to set the range of IPs/ports you want to scan and connection timeout.

Simple winsock proxy server in VB6Version: VB6
Author: Valery V ShmeleffSubmitted: 10/18/2006Downloads: 11537
Free tutorial and source code - the most elementary single-thread winsock proxy-server in vsual basic. In creating this manual we set ourselves the task to develop a minimum program code playing the role of TCP/IP proxy-server (transmitting information fr ...more>>

DOMAIN USER CREATOR ver. 1.0Version: VB6
Author: Asif fattahSubmitted: 9/3/2006Downloads: 5599
This is a simple tool to create bulk user in particular DOMAIN or LOCAL system. Best for mini ISP and Administrator. This is my 2nd code on a1vbcode. Asif fattah, KASBIT, Please tell me about this program.

Active Directory in VB.NET - Get Users & Groups Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vivek NigamSubmitted: 8/16/2006Downloads: 13536
Get User(s) Information's and theirs belongings Groups Using Active Directory in VB.NET. This is best LDAP utility tools, which will help you to import your users and their groups details respectively. You can also find Active Directory users name and g ...more>>

Port ScannerVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 7/31/2006Downloads: 8759
Use the Port Scanner to scan for open ports on a computer you specify by IP address. The maximum port number is 65536 and the minimum is 0. If the scanner reaches the maximum number of ports,it will stop.

net send applicationVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: i_amSubmitted: 5/15/2006Downloads: 12239
Enable you to send a message like net send.

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