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Speaking ProgramVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Amir HadzicSubmitted: 3/27/2006Downloads: 14331
A program which will speak to you. Enter your text and it will say it. Only 2-3 lines of code!

Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Raviuday M WaniSubmitted: 2/18/2006Downloads: 7376
It's a small media player.

Interactive Multimedia SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Matevz LeskovsekSubmitted: 1/20/2006Downloads: 5593
Interactive music application for keyboard players. Real-time midi processing engine with sorce included. Note: Requires MIDIOX Library.

Winamp Playlist CopierVersion: VB6
Author: Rahul SoniSubmitted: 1/15/2006Downloads: 4621
Using this program you can copy all the files in your Winamp's Playlist to any other folder so that you can burn them in a CD or something. Well, if you ask me the use... I would be very honest. I created it for myself because I selected certain songs ...more>>

Kids Learning A to Z - alphabetVersion: VB6
Author: KAZIM,BABURSubmitted: 12/29/2005Downloads: 5154
This application helps kids learn the alphabet.

Mp3 Audio PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Rhine Rene G. MendozaSubmitted: 11/5/2005Downloads: 7230
This Mp3 Player has a seek bar and volume. You can load your audio files one-by-one and you can add all audio files to the directory.

Playing an audiocd using multimedia controlVersion: VB6
Author: satish muranalSubmitted: 10/30/2005Views: 15318
1) add new form 2) add multimedia control to the form(to add mmcontrol just press ctrl+t then add mmcontrol.) 3) add one command button to exit

My MP3 PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Rod BottomSubmitted: 10/20/2005Downloads: 6510
A very simple media player. I started this project because i wanted a more flexible scroll bar control ( ie one I could easily change colours of, etc). I didn't find much on the web so set about creating one based on labels! Anyway amongst other things ...more>>

Music ManiaVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Isha KapoorSubmitted: 9/20/2005Downloads: 13555
This is a cool layer playing MP3, wav files , along with Avi,mpeg ,mpg video grab it n ENJOY!

Gl Player Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: GlaścioSubmitted: 8/25/2005Downloads: 8173
Gl Player (Without Windows Media Player) This is the best player that I made in visual basic. In this player you can drag your files to the video area, show menus in the video area and see your movies in fullscreen without the Windows Media Player, just ...more>>

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