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Mp3 PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: PaskaliusSubmitted: 1/10/2005Downloads: 8065
This is Mp3_player that you can use to play *.mp3 files

MMplayer - Directx 9 media playerVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Kamran BayganiSubmitted: 1/5/2005Downloads: 15289
Multi-Media player using Directx 9 (music & video). Using classes for Irregular shape, Directx audio video, Tag reader, etc. Ability to drag/drop into a ListView. Can save PlayLists.

MMPlayerX - Play mp3, wma,wav,ogg filesVersion: VB6
Author: R@uL M@rTiNeZSubmitted: 12/28/2004Downloads: 9710
This program search, order and play through albums mp3, wma, wav files and show your cover front. 100% Open Source. Play mp3, wma, wav files. NoT setup. Support Skins. Support languages. Album Browser. MiniMask Mode. Cover Front browser. ...more>>

Really Simple Media or MP3 PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Sean CastnerSubmitted: 12/19/2004Downloads: 6350
I made this because when I search for a simple media player everything I find is difficult. This media playe simply loads one sound and plays, pauses, and stops the song. Nothing fancy so that a begginer can understand it.

Metroid Tunes 5+ integrated media playerVersion: VB6
Author: FalconfireSubmitted: 12/11/2004Downloads: 6109
This is probably one of the most powerfull audio players you can find programmed in VB. features sound archiving, play modes, its own library, and a ton of features such as rating the songs. Also includes easy right-click options for all of your tunes, an ...more>>

Updated Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 11/27/2004Downloads: 4762
This version is update of my media player. It has the option where you can create your favorites albums. Also has both Arabic and English interface. I hope you enjoy it.

Complete MP3 PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 11/19/2004Downloads: 7911
Complete MP3player with many options. Try it!

Khlilism MP3player2.1Version: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 11/15/2004Downloads: 5153
With this program you can play mp3,wma,wav,mid and m3u files. It has many functions. Try it and you will see. Also, you can save playlist as m3u file.

SWF PlayerVersion: VB5
Author: Aemal SayerSubmitted: 9/23/2004Downloads: 6656
SWF Player, a small example to load swf files.

Text to speechVersion: VB.NET
Author: sarvesh dhimanSubmitted: 9/22/2004Downloads: 16116
In this project you will type your text in a textbox and the program will speak it to you.

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