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MP3 PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Ly VeanSubmitted: 8/21/2005Downloads: 7824
This application supports *.mp3, *.wav, *wma,... This is my first application with good interface, help contects and easy to use. Pls enjoy it.

Author: Rhine Rene MendozaSubmitted: 8/20/2005Downloads: 7814
This is my first time to create video & Audio Palyer. This player can play almost all video & audio Files.

N Player Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Carl Ashley James StuartSubmitted: 7/31/2005Downloads: 4969
This is the first biggest project I have done up until now. I need to know how to make a seek bar and a volume control bar. If you can help me please contact me. Thanks alot. Enjoy the player.

LED VU Meter 1.0Version: VB6
Author: sir WestSubmitted: 6/16/2005Downloads: 10631
Simple wave-out level meter, witch shows peak level in printer(LPT) port 8-pin's.connect a led-segment to it and enjoy the lightshow! can:remember window pos, configureable buffer size(only from ini file to more advanced users:P ). right-click on it exits ...more>>

Flamed v3 - CD Writing and moreVersion: VB6
Author: rm_codeSubmitted: 5/22/2005Downloads: 7268
It gives you almost full low level CD/DVD-ROM access for VB6 in Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP. (9x/Me: ASPI driver needed, rest: admin priviledges or ASPI driver). in contrast to the last 2 versions this one isn't a huge app, but 11 copy'n'paste friendly demonst ...more>>

Rocker V.2 - everything player!Version: VB6
Author: Abhinit Kumar AmbasthaSubmitted: 5/3/2005Downloads: 6840
It is a PLAYLIST media player and can play anything from music to videos and can b modified to play more! it is highly flexible and can b of great use for learning purposes too. it uses simple controls and is a fun filled package!

Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: DarkmagicianSubmitted: 2/25/2005Downloads: 7491
I Made This Media Player But i Want The back Color To be Transparent I Can Make The Design With Transparent backGround So i Need The Form Back Color To be TransParent Plzz Email me the program edited And the code u used plz help

LedMeter ver. 1.6Version: VB6
Author: sir WestSubmitted: 2/14/2005Downloads: 6626
LPT port based program to visualize with 8 leds connected to LPT.I haven't found anything so universal on the net yet so i decided to make something like it. You can make your own vis file to the Effects gallery, put it to show you ram usage or make a boo ...more>>

VS Player 1.0Version: VB6
Author: M.Rizwan-ul-HaqSubmitted: 1/26/2005Downloads: 5769
Code of VS Player. Built in browsing, play list and Volume control.

VCR PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: alpesh s vaghasiyaSubmitted: 1/13/2005Downloads: 5303
Shows how to create a VCR PLAYER in vb6.

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