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SKORLOTO 2005 .NET RandomizerVersion: VB 2005
Author: Erdogan TanSubmitted: 7/22/2006Downloads: 5375
6/49 Lotto Assistant Program: * Ball selection tables (Bag, Banko) * Randomizer display effect * Random List Generator * Combination list elimination features * Write list into Text file. (from binary to formatted text file) * List printing (VB.NE ...more>>

Randomize method - 6 digits Lottery number displayVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Parinya NakhaminSubmitted: 7/6/2006Downloads: 6562
Use System.Threading.Thread.Sleep instead of Timer. To know about Randomize method.

Acolyte of AI with 8 PuzzleVersion: VB6
Author: VINIT SANKHESubmitted: 6/28/2006Downloads: 4474
An AI (A* algorithm) based 8 puzzle solver. Use it for ultimate AI technique of A* algorithm to use.

Acolyte of AI with Tower of HanoiVersion: VB6
Author: VINIT SANKHESubmitted: 6/28/2006Downloads: 3973
Tower of hanoi Solver in its Simplest Code.

Acolyte Of AI with N-Queens SolverVersion: VB6
Author: VINIT SANKHESubmitted: 6/28/2006Downloads: 2783
Standrad N-Queens Algorithm to solve the chess puzzle.

MathSweeperVersion: VB6
Author: Senor_AfroSubmitted: 6/16/2006Downloads: 3566
My Software Project - integrates Minesweeper and simple math - if there is anyone out there that can help me with the expanding empty areas of the field, email pls.

Revised Multi-Column List Boxes Using DataGridsVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Arthur SterlingSubmitted: 6/12/2006Downloads: 8761
REVISED CODE This code uses two DataGrids on a Windows form. This is NOT a DropDown listbox. The left side is filled with the EmployeeID, FirstName and LastName using the Employee table of the Northwind database. You can move employees back and ...more>>

Slot ManiaVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 6/10/2006Downloads: 7323
This is a slot machine that I had to make for schooll...its not the best..but it works..:)...i added the time, and the stop watch.:)...

PhyshaxxVersion: VB6
Author: Marc Joel JameroSubmitted: 6/9/2006Downloads: 3902
This is a simple RPG.. I'm only 16yrs old so if you have any comments, feel free to email me.. thank you!!!

6/49 Lotto Combination Generator ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: Erdogan TanSubmitted: 6/9/2006Downloads: 5368
SKORLOTO 417 Combinator v4.3 Visual Basic 6.0 (5.0) Source Code. Creates 6/49 lottery combination lists and smart quick picks with fast combination geranting and filtering algorithms. Source code shows how to design a combgination genaror and how ...more>>

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