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Wild WatersVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 10/30/2006Downloads: 4539
WILD WATERS by Trent Jackson (Final ßeta, highly recommend compiling) In essence; WILD WATERS is a horizontal scrolling platform game, which requires some imagination. You're in a rowboat at all times and your objective is to jump through quotas of hoops ...more>>

Master MindVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 10/30/2006Downloads: 4759
Master Mind by Trent Jackson. Sadly, often an underrated game that's largely misunderstood. To try and address this, I have written some instructions on how the game works. As such, they are applicable to most other versions of Master Mind too. Intergalac ...more>>

Writing GameVersion: VB 2005
Author: 4EverEvilSubmitted: 10/5/2006Downloads: 7448
A small and simple game for practicing to type(on keyboard)using ASCII code. * Very simple program, no integers of ant kind! * English explanation for every action.

Snake game in VB 2005Version: VB 2005
Author: 4EverEvilSubmitted: 10/2/2006Downloads: 16333
A snake game including: *Local & Global high scores *php code for submission & display of scores *Explanation in english for every action. Please write comments to my email or forum so I can make the next vertion better!

Revolution 3D Engine 9.1Version: VB6
Author: Gaurav MisraSubmitted: 9/20/2006Downloads: 6045
A tutorial + code on the basic funtions of revolution3D graphics engine which cn be downloaded frm

SpeedClickVersion: VB6
Author: Goutam RaySubmitted: 9/13/2006Downloads: 4699
It is a small and interesting Game. Enjoy it.

LeStud!a (SPANISH)Version: VB6
Author: Sh StudiosSubmitted: 9/13/2006Downloads: 2338
It's an intermediate game to study. Sorry, but i program in spanish!

Click MadnessVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 9/2/2006Downloads: 3593
Click as many times as you can on the green image in 20 seconds. The program will rate your score and show you a message.

Simple Word Find GameVersion: VB6
Author: Gibb Philip B. ManaogSubmitted: 8/29/2006Downloads: 4217
This is a simple project using random controls and i've added some simple tricks here... email me for more comments and suggestions ..thank you!!

Simple VB GameVersion: VB6
Author: Aayush JaiswalSubmitted: 8/5/2006Downloads: 5845
Simple VB Game.

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