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SKORLOTO 2005 RandomizerVersion: VB6
Author: Erdogan TanSubmitted: 6/9/2006Downloads: 3271
6/49 Lotto Assistant Program with graphical (colored ball/number) display effects; with quick pick and Random List Generator features. Gives 6/49 smart quick picks (without full mathematical combination generator feature: if you want to get full mathem ...more>>

Oliver's "KILL THE MINE" GameVersion: VB6
Author: Oliver Sintim-AboagyeSubmitted: 5/19/2006Downloads: 3914
A small game "Kill The Mine" for leaning how to genarate random numbers, dynamically create controls and assign events for then, and how to take advantange of certain event to react to changes.

Visual Basic tutorial - game builder on VBVersion: VB6
Author: Valery ShmeleffSubmitted: 4/20/2006Downloads: 13245
Free visual basic tutorial for beginners programmers - complete game builder vb project and documentation. The program Game Builder uses the functions of MS Office Word software to generate game forms in a Word document format and enables duplex printing ...more>>

Lucky Seven v2.0Version: VB6
Author: Luke PolakSubmitted: 4/3/2006Downloads: 4662
A lucky seven game. Get number 7 in any of the 5 textboxes and you win. It keeps track of how many times you have won or lost. Very simple but fun.

A very good tic-tac-toe(iks-oks) gameVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Amir HadzicSubmitted: 3/5/2006Downloads: 8300
Tic-Tac-Toe, a very good example. Shows how to create menus controlled by keyboard and mouse, draw strings using GDI+. The .tip file includes Bosnich and English version. Also show how to make a click region, and a lot more... I don't speak english good ...more>>

Fishing GameVersion: VB6
Author: Prabhu .MSubmitted: 2/7/2006Downloads: 7205
Game to catch the right fish from the colorful fishes displayed on the screen randomly. Used to increase Concentration.

Snake and Ladder Game in VB6Version: VB6
Author: Gibb Philip B. ManaogSubmitted: 1/28/2006Downloads: 9437
This is a simple Snake and Ladder program created for 2-4 players. The code is very simple and readable.

OrganizeVersion: VB6
Author: Colby CSubmitted: 1/22/2006Downloads: 3560
Organize falling balls into their approporiate color box.

DominoZ FunVersion: VB6
Author: Micky KurniawanSubmitted: 1/17/2006Downloads: 3764
A simple card game, called domino (at least in indonesia, hehe...). Play against 3 computer players.

Chess Puzzle GameVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Ritesh PatelSubmitted: 1/16/2006Downloads: 7709
I already submitted a code for 8 queen's solution this is same puzzle for 10*10 board with 10 Queens. Here you will find all 724 possible solutions and 92 unique solution.

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