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Time Interval ControlVersion: C#
Author: Yoni CourielSubmitted: 4/13/2010Downloads: 2843
This control can be used when the user needs to enter a time interval as an input. The code demonstrates usage of regular expressions, and attributes such as DefaultEvent and EditorBrowsable.

G-Mail Notification SystemVersion: C#
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 3/23/2010Downloads: 3202
This application notifies the user whenever a new mail is recieved to the user's gmail account. Now you will not miss out on any new emails recieved. This application is not linked to any third party DLLs or EXE files.

Address BookVersion: C#
Author: Osama M.MursleenSubmitted: 2/7/2010Downloads: 4579
Insert, Update, Delete, Search through Sql queries..... I hope it will help you....

Notepad in C# languageVersion: C#
Author: Indranil ChatterjeeSubmitted: 1/30/2010Downloads: 2760
This notepad was created in C# lang....for beginners.

Pacman Game in C#Version: C#
Author: Brian Bender Submitted: 1/23/2010Downloads: 8225
This is a duplicate of the original Pacman coded from scratch in Raw C#. The game board and characters are drawn in raw GDI. Back in the 80's, this game was a huge part of my life. That and the Commodore 64 were the 2 eras of my life that helped me to cod ...more>>

Scienticfic CalculatorVersion: C#
Author: Abi Thirnav ManoSubmitted: 12/9/2009Downloads: 3575
All mathematical functions are included.

School Management System C#Version: C#
Author: Muhammad Sohail QureshiSubmitted: 10/23/2009Downloads: 12450
My professional looking school management system in C# is best for learning process to beginner and for intermediate level,I upload this code because i need .NET job in Pakistan or Out side from Pakistan.

Send object across to webservice through xmlVersion: C#
Author: arifliminto86Submitted: 7/13/2009Downloads: 3233
There are 2 programs in that file. The purpose is to show that we can send object across to webservice through xml and validate it in web service and save it in binary format

Pharmacy Management System(Updated)Version: C#
Author: Jafer Ali JSubmitted: 5/4/2009Downloads: 13947
This Updated Pharmacy Management system has been done login, Bill system, Medicine Purchase,Medicine Return,Patient medicine Return, stock Details, Bill transaction Details and Report for all details. Front End:Visual 2005 Back End:MS SQL serv ...more>>

Send mails using Gmail idVersion: C#
Author: S.RajeswariSubmitted: 4/16/2009Downloads: 3578
This project software with C#, is used for sending mails without attachments in Gmail account.

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