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C# RSS Feed ReaderVersion: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/23/2008Downloads: 2566
The article and sample describe the construction of a basic RSS feed reader using XPath.

Parsing Sentences and Building Text StatisticsVersion: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/19/2008Downloads: 2453
This article describes three approaches to parsing the sentences from a body of text. It also describes an approach to generating sentence count, word count, and character count statistics.

Building a UNIX Time to Date ControlVersion: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/19/2008Downloads: 2291
This article addresses the construction of a custom control that will convert UNIX time into useful and readable dates for display in a Win Forms application.

XML Pathfinder - A C# UtilityVersion: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/19/2008Downloads: 2953
This article discusses the construction of a simple utility that may be used to locate and evaluate paths within an XML document, and to test queries against those paths.

Website Kiosk Mode in C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/19/2008Downloads: 2600
An article and example demonstrating an approach to operating a web site in kiosk mode while limiting the ability of the user to exit kiosk mode.

Quick web search engineVersion: C#
Author: Sabith kpSubmitted: 2/12/2008Downloads: 3172
It will help you to search different search engines at once.

Fade a Form in C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 1/16/2008Downloads: 2529
This article describes a simple approach to fading out a form. The approach used permits the user to define the number of incremental steps used to fade out the form; the form is faded by decreasing the form's opacity from 100% down to 0% using the numbe ...more>>

Read a GPS Device in C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 1/16/2008Downloads: 4283
This article shall describe a very simple approach to working with a GPS device within the context of a C# application. This article does not address how the GPS device works or everything that can be gleaned from the NEMA 0183 string outputted from most ...more>>

View Database Structure Using C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 1/15/2008Downloads: 3682
This article describes an easy approach to examining all of the tables, views, and columns in a database, the article is written to describe an example application that may be used to connect to a database (Oracle, SQL Server, or MS Access), view that dat ...more>>

Yahoo! Local Search Service in a C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 1/15/2008Downloads: 2220
Yahoo's Local Search Service is provided free of charge to developers through the Yahoo! Developer's Network. This article will demonstrate one approach to consume this service to return a list of business through the use of a zip code based search for ...more>>

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