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Read Excel document using Office APIVersion: C#
Author: Kanaiyalal PrajapatiSubmitted: 3/15/2009Downloads: 2914
MS Office API to read Excel document.

Send EMAIL using with SMTPVersion: C#
Author: Manoj ShrivastavaSubmitted: 2/23/2009Views: 11035
Send email using smtp object in

Phonebook [v.1.0] (updated version) in C#Version: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 1/2/2009Downloads: 4418
Phonebook (updated version)using C#.

Newton Method to solve polynomials of degree 6Version: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 12/19/2008Downloads: 2678
Newton Method to solve polynomials of degree 6 (or less). It finds the root in a specified interval by the client and if there was no root in this interval, the program will find it outside the interval and will inform the client about that by a message b ...more>>

Compute the root for polynomials using bisectionVersion: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 11/25/2008Downloads: 2418
A software that compute the root for polynomials (up to degree 6) in a certain interval, using the Bisection method.

Pharmacy Management SystemVersion: C#
Author: Jafer AliSubmitted: 11/21/2008Downloads: 5796
This softwate has been done following forms. Bill with Printout, Medicine purchase Details, Stock Details, Bill Transaction, Return Details, and Report for stock details, Purchase & Return Details, bill transaction Details. Environment: Front End: C ...more>>

Simple DataBase Management in C#Version: C#
Author: Ravi Chandran RSubmitted: 10/11/2008Downloads: 6536
1. This is simple Software for Managing the simple database of the Microsoft Access (OLEDB). 2. It will be very useful for beginners to learn about Database (OLEDB). 3. It is developed on .NET framework2.0 using the .NET language C#.

SQL Query Executor Version: C#
Author: Ravi Chandran RSubmitted: 10/11/2008Downloads: 4266
This is software for sql query execution. Using this software beginners can learn about the sql query and database management. C# beginners can easily understand this coding.

Course RegistrationVersion: C#
Author: RaviChandran RSubmitted: 9/5/2008Downloads: 5356
It is a simple software for Course Registration. From this the beginners can learn the connection of OLEDB (Microsoft Access) database with c#.NET language and use of primarykey is also given in this coding section. It is having simple database connection ...more>>

Execute Custom EventsVersion: C#
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 8/28/2008Downloads: 2378
Write Custom Events In Business Layer And Execute It Under UI Layer.

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