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Draw an Arc in VB 6Version: VB6
Author: T.NareshSubmitted: 11/2/2012Views: 5535
This snippet uses the GDI32 library to draw an arc.

States and CMVersion: VB6
Author:  Anshul JainSubmitted: 11/2/2012Downloads: 1863
A very basic code for beginners enhance the concept of Image list and KeyPreview of Form listener.

Spider SolitaireVersion: VB6
Author: Nabeel Hosny Submitted: 10/31/2012Downloads: 3049
Just Spider card solitaire. I found code named Solitaire Persian. You can move single or multiple cards.

Evaluate ExpressionsVersion: VB6
Author: Roger AshfordSubmitted: 10/22/2012Downloads: 2057
This is a class for evaluating mathematical, logical and relational expressions. It is a new version of my original class (also available here), with added support for string values.

VB6 Crystal ReportVersion: VB6
Author: chriscodeSubmitted: 10/5/2012Downloads: 4748
View crystal report using vb6 and mysql database.

Author: Mac McFarlandSubmitted: 9/19/2012Downloads: 2920
JUST like the TV Jeopardy! game, complete with original sounds and music. Uses MS Access DB to create your own games-questions-answers. Several already included in this free VB6-created program. Enjoy (I submitted Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 08.) ...more>>

Author: ha_asgagSubmitted: 9/18/2012Downloads: 1978
You may find this code useful if your planning to create a chord chart or a complete database of chord voicings for the guitar. The code determines and enumerates ALL the possible lowest position moveable chord shape combinations within 5 frets for a part ...more>>

Create PDF from vbVersion: VB6
Author: GURSHPINDER S. DHILLONSubmitted: 9/1/2012Downloads: 4890
Program to create PDF file from VB6.

John Conway Game Of LifeVersion: VB6
Author: Bryce WingateSubmitted: 8/31/2012Downloads: 2520
Howdy! I recently discovered the exciting program called Life, written by John Conway in the 70s. I challenged myself to write it in Excel. Here it is! I had a blast writing and exploring the game! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys programming or has an ...more>>

Personal ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Savad CKPSubmitted: 8/25/2012Downloads: 5806
Personal Manager - Accounts, Reminder, Password Manager, VB 6 + Access.

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