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Shackle Cipher 2048-bitVersion: VB6
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 1/25/2013Views: 4453
Shackle is a 2048-bit cipher that employs plaintext chaining. The creation of new key blocks is seeded by previous blocks of plaintext. It also uses a transposition cipher (transpX) function to prevent known plaintext attacks. The speed is about 500KB ...more>>

256bit Key GeneratorVersion: VB6
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 12/29/2012Views: 5107
Generates a scrambled 256 byte key string, with no redundancy, based on a password as a seed. Use for encryption purposes.

Cycle Button ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Ercole SpiteriSubmitted: 12/28/2012Downloads: 2070
This control provides a cycle button similar to the one of Amiga computers but more powerful. This type of button has a list of options stored in it (these can be set both at design time and at runtime) from which the user can choose his/her selection by ...more>>

How to rename a fileVersion: VB6
Author: Hamidreza khazayieSubmitted: 12/21/2012Views: 4452
You can call the sub to rename your file.

Create PDF from XLS FileVersion: VB6
Author: Gurshpinder S. DhillonSubmitted: 12/20/2012Downloads: 2215
This code can be use for to create PDF file from Excel file.

Parallel Port Data Pin DecoderVersion: VB6
Author: Bob BrandtSubmitted: 12/16/2012Views: 4289
Read Parallel Port Data, Status or Control Lines Individually, Instead as just a 0 to 255 Number. Simplifies Decoding. Can Be Rewritten to Use with

Computer ManagementVersion: VB6
Author: Om Prakash DaundekerSubmitted: 12/9/2012Downloads: 3912
Computer Management keeps records of stock and customer.

Graphical ListBoxVersion: VB6
Author:  Ivan EnriquezSubmitted: 11/21/2012Downloads: 2359
Graphical listbox. Supports: 2 color ramp background, jpg image background, 2 color band background, single and double strike, all align modes for text, etc.

Draw an Arc in VB 6Version: VB6
Author: T.NareshSubmitted: 11/2/2012Views: 3860
This snippet uses the GDI32 library to draw an arc.

States and CMVersion: VB6
Author:  Anshul JainSubmitted: 11/2/2012Downloads: 1090
A very basic code for beginners enhance the concept of Image list and KeyPreview of Form listener.

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