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Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Vivek NigamSubmitted: 8/20/2002Downloads: 15462
Basic knowledge of how data is stored in the registry.{Reads and writes data to the registry and delate from registry.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Zeeshan AlamSubmitted: 8/1/2002Downloads: 11513
REG ADDER :-) Add or Edit any keys in the registery WITHOUT dealing with any of the API calls!! Keys of any type (string, binary, DWORD) can be edited. Email me or ViSiT

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Kartikeya MitraSubmitted: 2/24/2002Downloads: 10839
Lets you write to INI or Initialization files. Wrote this program after I realized there was hardly any help for guys who wanted to write to INI or Initialization files. The code is very simple, with lots of comments and is good for beginners.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Fadzil SafianSubmitted: 1/19/2002Downloads: 10342
Internet Explorer Skin Changer - Change your Internet skin browser.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: R.ShrivathsSubmitted: 5/15/2001Downloads: 17064
The Windows Registry is mostly uncharted domain for a large number of programmers. With this application I aim to change that. It allows you to manipulate the registry and change the security that Windows provides!(Example:Lock the Desktop properties comp ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB4
Author: N.Indrasena ReddySubmitted: 5/9/2001Downloads: 18749
This project will protect your software from illegal use after the evaluation period is over. This uses an elegant of using the Registry Settings with minimal code. Give me a feedback on this project.

Untitled (click to view code)Version: VB6
Author: timyjimySubmitted: 1/30/2001Views: 27203
Save data to the registry and retrieving the saved data.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: venky_dudeSubmitted: 1/4/2001Downloads: 11580
This application shows one how to use a simple shareware lock in ur programs.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB6
Author: Kenneth IvesSubmitted: 12/2/2000Downloads: 9536
This a demonstration of using the basic function to access the registry. The only Problem I have run into is querying a Win2000 registry where the key has a space in the name. Well documented.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Bon NguyenSubmitted: 10/4/2000Downloads: 9400
A simple form that uses the Win32 set to retrieve an existing value from the Windows registry. Note: Does not use VB built-in function GetSetting.

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