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Change drive iconVersion: VB6
Author: hemant prasadSubmitted: 8/12/2005Downloads: 5490
This software changes drive icon in my computer(win-98).

SysRegVersion: VB5
Author: basher13Submitted: 12/28/2004Downloads: 7405
This will show you current version in registry, see the path, root, system, setting path ..and you can add own.

Register your activex & dlls easilyVersion: VB4
Author: Sarfraz Ahmed ChandioSubmitted: 7/30/2004Downloads: 7450
Distribute your large progs without worrying about their activex files being registerd. Use this utility to register them. Just distribute it with your progs.....

Open and Close CD/DVD Rom DoorVersion: VB6
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 6/26/2004Downloads: 10126
This small project will enable you to open and close your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM's door. EXE which comes from this project is also attached with the project. It will be helpful for you, if you place a copy or a shortcut of that program on your desktop. Send ...more>>

Disable Task Manager Version: VB5
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 6/5/2004Downloads: 11976
Tired of finding ways to disable the task manager in windows XP? Then download this. This program was not tested in Windows 2000 and NT platforms. So you have to test it at your own risk. In Windows 9x, ME and XP, this program works fine.

Dynamic Mysql DSN In .NETVersion: VB.NET
Author: Vipul PatelSubmitted: 1/10/2004Downloads: 12050
This is a simple code which will create MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver DSN in VB.NET. this is very useful fo those who are using Mysql with VB.NET. This is my very first code in VB.NET

A demo of how powerful API are.This application st...Version: VB6
Author: Mayur KotlikarSubmitted: 6/14/2003Downloads: 11261
A demo of how powerful API are.This application starts with getting computer name and can be used to perform tasks like deleting temp files,url cache,changin machine name,detecting network settings etc.

This article Explains How to change Drive Icons in...Version: VB5
Author: Pampati PraveenSubmitted: 5/18/2003Downloads: 8527
This article Explains How to change Drive Icons in Windows 2000. By editing the Registry values we can change the drive icons. For example : If you want to change Drive E icon. Create the Registry value as follows: HEKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Micr ...more>>

Basic knowledge of how to Add Items to Right Click...Version: VB5
Author: Vivek NigamSubmitted: 3/5/2003Downloads: 12755
Basic knowledge of how to Add Items to Right Click Menu in Windows (In Right click Menu for Folder). You can add a shortcut to your application to that menu (In Right click Menu for Folder). For example, I am using Notepad to call, now when you right cli ...more>>

This is useful for making your EXE memory resident...Version: VB6
Author: Dr. YSubmitted: 2/17/2003Downloads: 13787
This is useful for making your EXE memory resident.Your app will be undetectable by MSConfig(a windows tool at system32 directory).This is a new method that Subseven 2.2 (a famous Trojan horse) uses (ActiveX component).There are other methods like leave a ...more>>

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