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Download Rate CalculatorVersion: VB 2005
Author: SpiderSubmitted: 10/6/2007Downloads: 5809
This Program is used to calculate the average download rate. You enter the file size (In KB) and the Time Taken (In Seconds) and the program calculates it for you. Great for a program that downloads files from the internet NOTE: Actually made in VB.NET ...more>>

Send an Email With VB.netVersion: VB 2005
Author: Omar AbidSubmitted: 9/25/2007Views: 22448
This will help you to send an email with You'll need only access to the SMTP Server.

TCL Blue Lion 3.0 Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Chathura lakmalSubmitted: 9/23/2007Downloads: 4303
This is My Third Browser. It has many changes than TCL Blue Lion 2.0 Web Browser (Second). Enjoy it. Up comming : TCL Blue Lion 4.0 Web Browser...............(Final)

Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: GeorgeSubmitted: 9/6/2007Downloads: 6314
- The web browser functions like any advanced web browsers. - All the controls of this web explorer are implemented in VB code. - The web explorer allows you to browse any website. - The controls implemented in this web browser are back, forward, stop, ...more>>

TCL Blue Lion 2.0 - Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: chathura lakmalSubmitted: 8/17/2007Downloads: 2907
TCL Blue Lion 2.0, this is my second browser. this browser has some changes and new items than TCL Blue Lion 1.0 (first browser)

Public galleryVersion: VB 2005
Author: ilya kraySubmitted: 8/14/2007Downloads: 4534
A program that allows users to upload images to php web servers and share them with extreme speed.

Blue Lion 1.0 Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: chathura lakmalSubmitted: 7/21/2007Downloads: 3175
This is my first Web browser. This is simple programming.

Web MonitorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Wesley GovenderSubmitted: 6/5/2007Downloads: 6921
To monitor when internet connection goes down.It does ping a url but actually opens a web page to check it the page opens fine.

XeonWeb Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Marc Joel JameroSubmitted: 4/15/2007Downloads: 4475
XeonWeb web browser with TABS!!! this is a browser made in vb6..the codes are easy and very useful for beginners.. this program isn't finish yet.. wait for the final/better version of this app..feel free to email me if u have comments,,suggestions or ques ...more>>

IP FinderVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad AliSubmitted: 4/1/2007Downloads: 7086
This software displays IPs country wise, also you can find out the IP of a website, and locate its server location.

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