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 All submissions by: "Vijendran"

Quick method to write Grid data to Excel Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 8/4/2005Downloads: 11958
This project contains sample codes for, retriveing table names from a database, quickest method to write data from grid to excel file and method to scroll records in a Flexgrid using mouse scroll.

Simple COM ComponentVersion: VB6
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 8/2/2005Downloads: 6827
This posting is a sample for creating COM component in Visual Basic 6.0 and using it across diferent languages. Using ActiveX.dll a COM component is created for retreiving the Current user name, Computer name, Windows Directory, Windows Temporary Directo ...more>>

Hot KeysVersion: VB6
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 6/21/2005Downloads: 6793
This utility allows the user to make the Numberpad as a mulimedia keyboard, they can assign any application to those keys and can invoke it. This project also explain the usageof API calls to minimize application to system tray, API calls to access .ini f ...more>>

Simple Leap Year FinderVersion: VB5
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 6/10/2005Downloads: 4958
A very Simple Logic to find if a given year is a Leap Year or not and this project also contains codes for some textbox events.
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