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 All submissions by: "VIKAS JAIN"

Microsoft product key finderVersion: VB 2008
Author: vikas jainSubmitted: 11/12/2008Downloads: 6927
Using this code one can easily obtain windows and microsoft office product key. This is developed in microsoft visual studio 2008.

IP ConfigurationVersion: VB6
Author: vikas jainSubmitted: 3/18/2008Downloads: 8269
Display all ip configuration of your computer related to network interface card like ethernet card ip, internet connection ip and all other wireless interface cards ip addresses.

Shutdown UtilityVersion: VB6
Author: vikas jainSubmitted: 3/16/2008Downloads: 6001
Using this all in one utility one can stand by, turnoff, restart, hibernate, log off and can perform countdown timer in shutdown means computer will be shutdown in specific period of time given by you.

Message Box Closes AutomaticallyVersion: VB6
Author: VIKAS JAINSubmitted: 3/8/2008Downloads: 4902
Message box closes automatically after four seconds. No need to click any button.

Automate the Calculation in CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: VIKAS JAINSubmitted: 2/7/2008Downloads: 3054
Using send keys one can automate the calcultion in calculator without typing keys on windows calcultor.

Disable Win32 SP3 Firewall ProtectionVersion: VB6
Author: VIKAS JAINSubmitted: 2/7/2008Downloads: 4108
Using this code one can disable Win32 SP3 firewall protection programatically.

Secure Fldr LockVersion: VB6
Author: vikas jainSubmitted: 9/16/2007Downloads: 10005
Using this software one can protect and file or folder on any Windows operating system.
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