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 All submissions by: "T.Jackson"

Cyclic Scrolling GraphicsVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 12/23/2009Downloads: 4101
Cyclic scrolling background demo by Trent Jackson. Pushing BitBlt to the extreme, this example demonstrates how to scroll either a jpeg or bitmap image (800x600) continuously across the screen either left or right. On a Pentium 4 3.0GHz (a very modest mac ...more>>

Spatial Matrix; A Memory GameVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 12/23/2009Downloads: 3827
Spatial Matrix by Trent Jackson. Spatial Matrix is a memory game, which promotes spatial memory exercising. Spatial memory is our brain''s working memory; we use spatial memory for problem solving and thinking mostly. There are many "brain training" type ...more>>

Pacman.netVersion: VB 2005
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 12/23/2009Downloads: 5881
The right way to make a Pacman clone in .NET It is object orientated (uses classes), compactly coded and runs at 50fps. Coded from scratch, and the graphics were ripped from the original game of 1981. Very close to the original, but there are a couple of ...more>>

VB Donkey KongVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 2/24/2008Downloads: 8223
VB Donkey Kong by Trent Jackson. In the beginning, there was Donkey Kong, indisputably THE father of all multi-level platform games. When Donkey Kong was released back in 1981, it was an immediate success! This was as such Nintendo's first blockbuster. Co ...more>>

Custom ToolboxVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 1/28/2007Downloads: 5073
Custom Toolbox By Trent Jackson. (v0.5 with bidirectional fold out) The toolboxes that Photoshop style programs have are great huh? You know the ones, they're entirely graphical, very compact with a seemingly endless variety of menu items in them. Typical ...more>>

Colour PickerVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 1/7/2007Downloads: 3729
Colour Picker by Trent Jackson. Modern looking universal picker hosting two palettes. A) 112 fixed. B) Circular gradient allowing almost any colour to be chosen. The picker is fully self-contained within a tool dialog making it the perfect addition to any ...more>>

Calendar / Date PickerVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 1/6/2007Downloads: 11568
Calendar / Date Picker by Trent Jackson. The only date picker you'll ever need? Scheduled to be teamed up with an up and coming personal organizer project, you may find this picker to be useful within your own projects. It features an algorithm which accu ...more>>

LCD Alarm ClockVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 12/3/2006Downloads: 8118
LCD Alarm Clock By Trent Jackson. If there's one thing that Windows is lacking it's an alarm clock. Presented here is a quality solution to the problem. Feature packed and dressed to impress to look as modern as tomorrow. Intended to be compiled and insta ...more>>

Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 11/22/2006Downloads: 5747
TIC-TAC-TOE by Trent Jackson. A simple game made quite complex. Includes numerous LED readouts for total wins, losses, best times, round duration, total rounds and draws. Playable against the computer or another person. Intelligent AI has been coded with ...more>>

Magical LED StarVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 11/14/2006Downloads: 5534
Magical LED Star by Trent Jackson. This virtual LED star will keep you staring at the screen in amazement with its seemingly endless array of patterns. 44 LEDs make up the 5 pointed star. Uses data tables for the patterns and not much else drives it. Coul ...more>>
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