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 All submissions by: "Shoaib Mohammed A"

Backup ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 6323
This is a backup management software which is simple to use and understand. The software has been designed in such a aspect that the users can normally read/view the files. Modifications are not updated. It has a simple user interface and is fast comp ...more>>

Background MonitorVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 3512
This is a simple EXE which takes in parameters. It can be used for a variety of things. It can monitor processes and prevent them from running. For any further clarifications contact me. This one is very light on memory and so you can rely on it for ur ...more>>

Chat Version: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 5589
This is a prototype chatting software in the simplest of its form. It still has a long way to go before it is relably used. The coding section may be a little bit confusing for the beginners, but it should do good once the working concept has been grasp ...more>>

PZIP Compression SoftwareVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/17/2008Downloads: 4892
This is a high power compression software which is powered by UHARC, a well renowned dos mode compression software. This software is nothing more than a Interface to the dos-mode. the only problem with UHARC is that it needs a little bit of dos mode know ...more>>

Cyber ConVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/17/2008Downloads: 8359
This is a prototype networking software which is just enough to deal up to the complete automation of cyber centers. It helps cyber owners to forget their worries about the login and logout time of their customers. It completely automates all the possib ...more>>

Water MarkerVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 9/10/2006Downloads: 5208
This is a Proto Type File Imaging Software. This BetaRelease Contains features like Multiple Folder and File Addition. Some Other Extra Features Like Password Protection, Image Locking, Searching etc.. have been provided. Go on..ENJOY the Power of "Water ...more>>

SystemTray MsgBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 3/1/2006Downloads: 6449
This program lets you create a message box near system tray as shown by norton antivirus. This uses simple calculation and is completely api free. Please see read me for further details.
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