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 All submissions by: "RattleSnake"

Stop duplicates while loading list into listviewVersion: VB6
Author: RattleSnakeSubmitted: 12/8/2005Views: 16159
This Code demonstrates how to use a Common Dialog and load a txt file into Listview and remove Duplicates from it while loading.

Preventing listview duplicates before adding itemVersion: VB6
Author: RattleSnakeSubmitted: 10/30/2005Views: 18441
This code is not a duplicate remover for listview as the other code i submitted. It prevents you from adding duplicates into listview !!

RattleSnake - Duplicate Listview Item RemoverVersion: VB6
Author: RattleSnakeSubmitted: 10/7/2005Views: 12063
This code snippet is to remove or kill duplicates in vb6 listview. I searched all over the internet to find this code with no results so here it is !
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