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 All submissions by: "Prakash.Kr"

Search EngineVersion: C#
Author: Prakash.KrSubmitted: 11/29/2011Downloads: 2908
Small search engine using C#.

Convert upperstring to lower string.Version: C#
Author: Prakash.KrSubmitted: 11/24/2011Downloads: 1698
Convert Upper string to Lower string, Lower String to Upper string.

String ManipulationVersion: C#
Author: Prakash.KrSubmitted: 11/24/2011Downloads: 2000
String Manipulation like Concat, compare, copy, length, upperstring, lowerstring using c#.

Simple Interest calculatorVersion: VB 2008
Author: Prakash.KrSubmitted: 9/1/2011Downloads: 2848
Simple interst calcuation using si=pnr/100 formula.
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