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 All submissions by: "Mohammad AlianNejadi"

Complete VB site, Visual Basic DirectoryVersion: ASP
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 11/6/2004Downloads: 8828
A complete VB site, this is a link directory with submission and search engine. A powerful counter and advertiser..., you can see the live example at

Usesage of SendMessage APIVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 10/23/2004Downloads: 11784
This program is a complete use of the API function, SendMessage....

SamesVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 8/15/2004Downloads: 4719
A beautiful game in which you should find the blocks that have the same picture hidden behind them. It aslo includes an AI version that is very clever.

Typing TestVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 8/11/2004Downloads: 5510
Test your typing skill and improve it through this game.

Great API DealVersion: VB.NET
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 8/2/2004Downloads: 13549
This file contains 93 API function in example, these are in text files. I've done it for ease and not to make you confused. You need just to copy and paste them in your programs and use them. I will soon also publish my API DLL in VB 6.0, that contains mo ...more>>

Create .zip filesVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 7/7/2004Downloads: 10410
This is a binary code that zips files by changing the binary code. I haven't written the unzip code yet. This code looks for repeated characters in a file in binary way and when it finds it more than 5 times one after another, it writes that it has 5 or ...more>>

Advanced TaskbarVersion: VB6
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 3/5/2004Downloads: 6028
A style that feels better than your present desktop with some useful features like: A powerful Alarm reminder, picture view with slide show and easy change wallpaper, Shortcut menu. It has a very beautiful scene and also the advantage of this applicati ...more>>

TextBox FlasherVersion: VB6
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 2/12/2004Downloads: 7421
Uses a picture to flash the background of a textbox.

Get enabled windowsVersion: VB6
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 2/10/2004Downloads: 7354
Gets all windows that are enabled and actived and put them in a list. It also can get the hWnd of them. It is very useful for security and protection programs.

Move FormVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 11/15/2003Downloads: 7298
A simple form that you can move by clicking the mouse pointer anywhere on the form. Very useful for programs that you want to have a skin.
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